Taking over the industry of real estate as a true blue professional is Augustine Ewiah, aka Gus Cameo.

As the CEO of Cameo 1 Homes, a real estate brokerage firm, he has taken the industry to newer heights of success.

A quick look around us will let us know how things have been changing for the faster and for the better. It is great to know more about these changes and developments as they make us believe in the power of the revolutions that have been taking place over the years across business niches. The real estate industry is also one that has seen some of the biggest advancements and also the emergence of some of the best real estate entrepreneurs in the world. When we speak about entrepreneurship in real estate, one man seems to have changed the face of the industry for the better across Ghana; he is Augustine Ewiah, aka Gus Cameo. This man, who saw a need to do the ‘different’ in the real estate world, came up with his real estate brokerage firm named ‘Cameo 1 Homes’.

To get into any entrepreneurial space is no walk in the park, people say, and it is even true because it takes a lot to reach an influential position in one’s career and field. Gus Cameo worked relentlessly to reach where he is today and has made people believe in their dreams of having their ‘dream home’ and making it a reality. His passion for architecture, design and making a positive impact on people has what helped him reach the forefront of the industry.

Today, Cameo 1 Homes, under the leadership of Gus Cameo, is flourishing and how. It already has offices in East Legon and Airport and has become a successful global real estate agency based in Ghana. Cameo 1 Homes’ website is also designed in a way that people can easily and conveniently find their dream homes and apartments for sale in Accra. The holiday home hunters have been treated with the extensive options and choices that Cameo 1 Homes offers for an affordable investment property for sale, including hotels, construction plots, building grounds, etc.

Gus Cameo’s firm has consistently remained one of the top firms in Ghana for its goal to guide and assist property owners, clients, and businesses in realizing their dreams of owning, leasing, renting and selling properties in Ghana. Gus Cameo is also the man who represents Ghana’s largest farm, THE PLANTATION, a 57-acre land, valued at $3.5 million.

Augustine Ewiah, aka Gus Cameo, won the Face of Ghana Youth Awards 2021, and most recently he also won “Africa Youth Showbiz Award” for his positive impact on luxury real estate in Ghana and Africa .And he is also on the verge of winning Entrepreneur of the year award in Ghana .He also about to start a show on luxury homes in Africa and tell the world that Africa is a magnificent place just like any other country to invest and with that, we can imagine the many feats he is yet to achieve in the coming years. Find out more about his firm through his website, https://cameo1homes.com/.

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