YoungTraderWealth / Elliot Hewitt, a leader in the Forex Coaching Industry

Learning to trade forex can seem impossible with the abundance of “so called trading gurus” giving a bad reputation and spreading false information about this market. Indeed, most offer clients buy and sell signals simply in order to benefit from a commission given by their partner broker.

Luckily, there is hope for those searching for a trading mentor that conveys genuine information, real results, and is transparent, straightforward and honest. Meet Elliot Hewitt, also known as YoungTraderWealth online.

Years of professional trading on the retail and institutional front allowed Elliot Hewitt to accumulate a large experience on financial markets and support a lifestyle many would envy.

With most trading information available online being misleading due to a conflict of interest between aspiring traders and brokers who are pushing traders to act as ‘gamblers’ and to over risk their accounts. He saw a window opportunity to provide a complete education process that transparently showed what professional traders do on a day to day basis. This is when he focused on coaching traders by suppressing the corporate jargon and ignoring any trading principles that did not personally serve him in his trading success. Elliot’s trading mentorship program quickly became one of the most regarded online trading courses due to its step by step approach of FX trading and hundreds of verified positive reviews.

“I have built detailed systems and strategies to start trading the correct way avoiding as much risk as possible. I only teach using videos as I believe this is the closest way I can get to a personal mentorship which is the level of education I am trying to provide. Every student is also able to communicate between each other replicating a classroom atmosphere and allowing older students to help newer students. Throughout my training program I try to cut as much useless information as I can in order to share what is important to me. Unlike most academies and universities, I am independent so do not have to follow a specific curriculum that was imposed on me. I can share exactly what I need to help each trader reach profitability and consistency.” Explains Elliot Hewitt / YoungTraderWealth.

His Forex Trading Education Service was able to differentiate from conventional education such as Universities which he points out: “Concentrate too much on theory and not enough on the practical side of things which you later have to learn on your first job” as he focused on sharing knowledge in a very direct, unconventional friendly way. This proximity with each aspiring trader could be the reason for the many success stories from YoungTraderWealth’s students.

Despite helping others succeed and learn how to trade for a living, Elliot Hewitt is still primarily an active professional FX spot trader that continues to share his success in a transparent way with his students and online community.

Instagram: @youngtarderwealth

Twitter: @youngtraderwlth


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