Val Cortez : The Woman Who Travels The World To Follow Her Dreams

There is only one phrase to describe Val Cortez – ” beauty with talent”. Some dream but never do, but she did. Val Cortez decided to drop everything and follow her dream of traveling and now she is making an impression. Val was born in Lima, Peru but she grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. When she was 25, Val dreamt of starting a business. So she opened her own business- an eyelash extensions salon.

Because of her entrepreneurial spirit and strong social skills, her lash salon boomed. She shifted her salon from her room to a separate building. Moreover, she participated in the Latino-American Lash Convention in Buenos Aires and won the first prize.

While her business was successful, Val did not have much time on her hands. She had always wanted to travel but with a business, it had become hard for her to travel around. So, she saved for her huge Euro trip. And at the last moment, she dropped everything and went traveling.

She loved being free and she could travel the world. Soon she discovered that she could use Instagram to post her content and live-stream. People from around the world came to know her as “Val Around The World”. She became a popular travel influencer on Instagram.

Val took a risk when she closed her shop for a few months and went traveling. But her efforts bore fruit and she saw her social media presence growing. She started with only 12K followers but now she has 960K followers on Instagram, close to a million.

Val is using her social media presence on Instagram and YouTube to share her life with the world. She is inspiring everyone to chase their dreams.

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