This startup is working to improve children’s lives through technology.

Abhita Batra always had a passion for science, especially biotechnology. From an early age the bright and tenacious Indian-American business leader witnessed her family´s ongoing commitment to improving people´s lives.

After successfully completing her Global MBA at UCLA and a Masters in biotechnology with specialization in pharmaceutical sciences from University of Pennsylvania, Batra went on to become the Chief Executive Officer at Otomagnetics, Inc.

“Our primary focus, from the start, has been developing highly effective, non-invasive solutions for magnetic drug delivery that can reduce pain and discomfort in patients while successfully delivering therapeutic payloads.” –Batra affirms.

Abhita was introduced to an innovative new magnetic drug delivery technology, originally developed at the University of Maryland out of the Fischell Department of BIoengineering (BioE) and Institute for Systems Research (ISR) in 2013.

This technology, which non-invasively directs biocompatible nanoparticles and their therapeutic payloads through soft tissue, immediately captured her interest and passion – the rest is history.

Under Abhita Batra´s skillful leadership, Otomagnetics has successfully raised several million dollars in seed capital and secured a myriad of strategic commercial and development partnerships. Expert analysts and seasoned investors alike have praised the company´s pristine track record and the unquestionable market-altering potential of its technology.

What excites investors and clinicians alike is the potential to eliminate hearing loss for children undergoing chemotherapy and solve for an unmet clinical need.

With advancements in cancer treatment, more children survive their battle with childhood cancers. Loss of hair, nausea, and vomiting are well known secondary effects. Hearing loss is a less known secondary effect with the potential to alter the quality of life for 80% of children after treatment.

“When a kid goes through this, even if it’s not your own, your heart breaks right away,” says Batra. “With our technology, we are able to deliver otoprotective therapy to cochlea topically. We have shown in animal studies that we can protect hearing with this non-invasive magnetic treatment. It’s a 10-minute procedure so kids can go through it with ease. It’s also offered before damage is done.” –the Forbes Business Council Member concludes.

This is one of those rare and wonderful scenarios where personal integrity, meticulous scientific research and unrivaled technological potential converge under the leadership of a person who is committed to improve people´s lives, just like she was taught when she was still a child.






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