The Use of Digital Surveillance Tools by Employers has Increased During the Coronavirus Lockdown Period

In a global survey, it is noted that the use of digital surveillance tools by employers has increased during the coronavirus lockdown period. The employers are doing so in order to monitor their employees’ productivity while working from home. However, many employees are considering it an attack on their privacy.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the private companies have instructed their employees to work from home to follow the government’s guidelines. In order to ensure the honest service of their workers, many companies are making use of digital surveillance tools to know about their working status at any given time.

The survey has found that employers who fear the leak of their sensitive data by employees via Whatsapp are even using Whatsapp hacking tools to keep an eye on them. With the use of different digital surveillance tools and spying applications, it has become possible for every employer to keep its sensitive data safe.

In addition to this, it has become possible for employers to boost the growth of their work by increasing the productivity of their employees. Although employers do make use of surveillance tools in their offices for this purpose, the use of such tools has increased during the coronavirus tools as employees are working from home.

According to technology experts, the work from home culture is going to become prevalent in the coming time. Hence, the use of digital surveillance devices will become a common thing in the future. And it will eventually lead to a boost in the productivity of employees and the protection of sensitive data on a large scale.

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