Successful Musician Vince Lajan Shares His Take On The Path to Growth

Financial freedom was the only goal of Vince Lajan when he was growing up. He wanted to finish college and get into a traditional business job. Oldest among the 3 siblings, his single mother bought them up well but finance was always the problem. There were times Vince didn’t even have 100 dollars in the bank. Financial growth seemed unattainable.

Today Vince Lajan is a multi millionaire, stay at home dad of a 7 years old girl, traveling the world and operating his company of 400 team members from wherever he is. Unbelievable right? Nothing is impossible when you have belief and the right attitude says this successful man.

Vince started working at the age of 16 soon realizing he will have to do a lot more if he intends to achieve his goals and geet more opportunities in life. He realized if he plans to live the lifestyle of his choice he will have to do something of his own and cannot be dependent on a single job.

So he started to look out for new opportunities and build a business from working at home. Vince discovered Entertainment Consulting and everything changed for him. It provided him the laptop lifestyle where he has been coaching and managing consulting accounts for clients for 6 years now from his personal space. He has a team of over 400 who together achieve $6-10 million in sales every month.

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