Smart and sexy: Raja Syn uses both to heat up career

Jamaican-born model Raja Syn has all the curves.

While she attributes them to genetics, they have been sculpted and enhanced by daily gym workouts, a grueling routine that’s important to her work. In many ways, it is her work.

She knows that her body is currently her tool, so she takes good care of it, using the determination that has always been her hallmark to ensure that she fully commits.

“When I’m not working, I’m most likely still working. I’m a very determined person, so when I have a goal set in my mind, it’s the only thing I’m thinking about,” says Raja, who has attracted the attention of more than 300,000 followers on Instagram, where she is a model and influencer.

“Everything is genetics but I perfect my image in the gym,” she says.

College wasn’t her calling

Raja moved to Atlanta after a brief stint in California, where she moved at the age of 17.

She had graduated early from high school and despite an interesting degree path – she was studying foreign language with an emphasis in Chinese – a semester at the University of Maryland let her know that a traditional education wasn’t for her.

Instead, she wanted to forge her own path, and a book she loved gave her the courage to do so.

“I read ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ and it changed my whole idea of life,” says the model and influencer.

Within a year of turning the last page of that book, she had gained 300,000 followers on Instagram and blended both smart and sexy to make her career work.

With a wide range of different talent options – “I plan on writing my own book soon. I can sing too, but I’m not really focused on a music career. It might happen. Right now, I’m just moving wherever the universe takes me.”

That could include sharing what have to be extremely hardcore workouts to maintain those incredible curves, with others.

Workouts could go public

“Before I started Instagram, everybody used to tell me to sell workout routines but I never took it seriously,” she said.

Now, as her career begins to grow, she is thinking about it, along with a plethora of other things.

“I might put those out soon because people still ask me about them,” she added.

I currently do paid photo shoots, music videos, Instagram influencing, Onlyfans, and crypto trading, she said. “I aspire to be a TV personality with my own show.”

Given her drive and determination, it will come as no surprise if we see her on the small screen soon.

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