Sina Bari, MD, Shares Top Trends in Plastic Surgery for 2023

Plastic surgery, like anything else, is influenced by cultural shifts, technological innovations, and economic changes. Experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Sina Bari shares some top trends in plastic surgery for 2023.

A Post-Pandemic Rise in Demand for Plastic Surgery Procedures

According to a report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the demand for cosmetic plastic surgery procedures has increased significantly since the pandemic. The increased demand includes people’s desire to feel more confident in their appearance and a shift in their desire for more immediate rather than delayed gratification, coupled with a less burdensome recovery due to remote work schedules.

Trends in Beauty Ideals Are Becoming More Diverse

Dr. Sina Bari notes that while using facial filters and social media apps has influenced and distorted beauty ideals, creating unrealistic expectations, in most cases, a natural appearance is still the goal. A focus on enhancing ethnic features has become a major trend. For example, with rhinoplasty, instead of the one-size-fits-all standard of a cute, turned-up nose, more people are making minor, corrective revisions while maintaining their unique ethnic facial features. Patients who focus on embracing individual beauty are more likely to be pleased with their results. In this digital age where diversity is celebrated, people have more information and options for expressing their physical appearance.

Trending Procedures

While injectables remain a very popular option, more people realize that fillers and injections provide limited results. More invasive surgical procedures, like facelifts and eyelid and brow lifts, are being done at an earlier age, typically in the forties. In the past, these types of surgeries were used by older patients to reverse the signs of aging. When done earlier, the results are more subtle and natural, and it becomes part of a long-term maintenance plan rather than a once-and-done approach. The recovery time for a surgical procedure is typically shorter when done in a person’s late thirties or forties. This more preventative approach can also give longer-lasting results when combined with fat injections and fillers. Sina Bari, MD, says, “For patients wanting to make small tweaks but for whom injectables provide underwhelming results, these “lite” lifts are a good option.” While facial procedures are popular, breast augmentation remains in high demand.

The Role of Technology in Plastic Surgery

Technology continues to enhance and transform the field of plastic surgery. Artificial intelligence (AI) advancements can help patients visualize their outcomes and better understand their surgeon’s suggestions, and robotic surgery has increased precision and decreased recovery times.

Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

No matter the current trends, finding a good plastic surgeon is key to getting the desired results. Dr. Sina Bari is skilled and knowledgeable, with years of experience combining technology and medical procedures. When selecting plastic surgeons, it is good to know they are continuing their education and enhancing their knowledge of current trends. 

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