Sharing the Story of Sunrise Diagnostic Lab That Transformed Lives Even During COVID-19!

As the old adage says, health is the greatest hope of joy, liberty and life. To present an ailing person a quality lifestyle, meaningful diagnosis of his problem comes prior to medication and treatment. One organization has become an embodiment of trust and reliability among both physicians and patients today with its full-service clinical and pathology laboratory. We are talking about the reputed Sunrise Diagnostic Laboratory (SDL) in New Jersey.  

A brainchild of Mr. Mohammed Naeem, SDL is a prominent clinical laboratory providing comprehensive testing services in the United States. The qualified founder is also a mentor and supporter of youth-oriented education and scholarship programs, food pantries, cancer research, domestic violence victims and other charities. Serving the community with precision and empathy, here’s more about the organization, its services and fight against coronavirus.

1. How does SDL ensure the best services in NJ?     

Sunrise Diagnostic Lab offers a range of clinical testing services which aid in the precise detection, diagnosis, assessment, treatment and monitoring of various diseases. For any exclusive testing, the team also partners with reference laboratories to reduce customer’s hassle. What stands SDL apart is its implementation of cutting-edge technology throughout the testing procedure. Our laboratories have been designed to provide on-time actionable and accurate outcomes, keeping in mind the needs of patients and physicians.       

2. In which areas does Sunrise Diagnostic Lab excel?  

Sunrise Diagnostic Lab is renowned to provide an extensive list of 1000+ tests, with expertise in cardiology, immunology, rheumatology, immune-hematology, coagulation, allergy & asthma, hemostasis, gastritis, urinalysis, clinical chemistry, infectious diseases, clinical pathology and many more.   

3. Has the company adopted any measure during COVID-19? 

Yes! Under the leadership of Mr. Naeem, Sunrise’s skilled and certified staff strived to do their part in containing the spread of this highly contagious virus. They introduced the latest testing techniques, cutting-edge technologies and advanced methodologies. These facilities were extended not only to the privileged class but also to the underserved areas. From large companies to households, everyone possible was provided access to fast and accurate coronavirus testing opportunities.

This dedication earned Sunrise Diagnostic Lab accolades from mayors of Newark Ras Baraka who have praised the organization’s adroit leadership, staff proficiency and relentless service as front liners, especially during COVID-19.

4. What services does Sunrise Diagnostic Lab provide to fight coronavirus?

To fight coronavirus, SDL offers RT-PCR, saliva testing, nasal swab testing, travel services testing, rapid testing, antibodies testing, remote antigen testing for travel purposes, testing for delta variant, etc. Some of the advanced technologies used are ViroKeyTM SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR Test and Specimen Collection System – UTMTM. The ViroKeyTM SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR Test is designed to detect SARS-CoV-2 RNA present in respiratory specimens and samples of human serum.   

In addition, Sunrise Diagnostic Lab has community sites, mobile stations, camps, schools, government office testing facilities and more. What enhances client satisfaction are their additional benefits of 24×7 hotline and phone notifications for results, travel advice, electronic results retrieval, etc.

5. What are the other initiatives undertaken by Sunrise Group?

Besides Sunrise Diagnostic Lab, Sunrise Group’s rapidly growing portfolio includes Sunrise Clinical Services, Sunrise Care, Subset Homes, Sunrise Second Chance Foundation and Sunrise Clinical Lab. The residential program of Sunrise operates 3 boarding homes while two other facilities are being renovated. The Sunrise Second Chance Foundation is dedicated towards philanthropic services with special emphasis on Prevention Programs for the Youth. Local schools have already approved this series of self-developed workshops.    

That’s not all! Sunrise Group endeavors to maintain accessibility and transparency by providing all information of their services and facilities online. With the zeal of improving people’s lives ignited, the organization keeps transforming lives through their empathetic and calculated approaches.   

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