Punchmade Dev Goes Viral With New Video “Wallah”

Punchmade Dev is unlike your typical high school grad or college student. In comparison, many teenagers’ biggest problem is falling asleep in class or trying to get their license. Meanwhile, Dev is managing multiple viral tracks, working with A-list acts, and signing record deals at this young age.

It is safe to say that he and his peers’ life is not the same. Moreover, the “Wallah” MC is not letting any of this success get to his head. He credits his family for keeping him humble and focused, as well as growing up on hip-hop legends for giving him the swagger and unique flow. Although he channels out current swiper vibes in his latest viral smash, “Fake Swiper,” he makes rap fun again.

His hometown has had multiple hitmakers with tons of buzz and publicity pouring into the city. Now, Punchmade Dev will be next in line to blossom under their tutelage. Just this year, he has seen thousands of videos made to his tracks on TikTok. His YouTube page has millions of views, and he is just getting started. Watch “Wallah” below.


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