Pokemon Go Adds Shiny Turtwig for Community Day

Pokemon Go, as expected, has added a new Shiny Turtwig version during the festivities of Community Day celebrated on September 15. Every month, Niantic conducts Community Day, a mini-monthly event where a newPokemon species is released in huge quantities across the world. And the Community Day celebrations for this month focused on Turtwig, a grass-type turtle Pokemon whichfirst evolves asGrotle and then Torterra.

Not only does this Pokemonpop-out in mass quantities but the players can also find its Shiny rare version that features a different coloration.

A non-Shiny Turtwig comes with a greener jawline while its shiny new variant has a distinct bluer skin tone. Grotle as well as Torterra both have yellow-green color skin and green shells. Despite the end of Community Day festivities, the Shiny Turtwig variants can still be availed in Pokemon Go, so do not be disheartened if you could not take part in it.

If you wish to get your hands on these Shiny variants then you need to search for an area having many PokeStops which are frequently visited by other players of Pokemon Go.

The other perks in this month’s Community Day event include a 3x Stardust bonus for getting hold of as many Pokemon as possible.

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