Nicole Scherzinger Raves About Coolaser

Jenna Dewan and Kim Kardashian have already revealed that their radiant looking skin is attributed to visits to Epione Beverly Hills. In Dewan’s case, the highly effective Coolaser procedure invented by Dr. Simon Ourian helped her to treat her melasma, a condition in which dark patches appear on the skin. And Kardashian simply likes the fact that she now enjoys radiant and great looking skin because of Coolaser.

Now, 42 year old Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger has also told the world that her great looking complexion is because of Coolaser treatments. The star used Instagram to post a picture of her looking stunning, and went on to thank Simon Ourian, her “amazing dermatologist” and went on to say that her blemishes and pores weren’t nearly as noticeable as before. Her fans agreed that she really did look great in her selfie and like to point out that how she doesn’t actually seem to age is quite noticeable.

Coolaser has been devised by Dr. Ourian, the world famous expert in cosmetic dermatology. Dr. Ourian has become something of a celebrity himself since his Coolaser started making headlines and stirring up interest on social media, and the innovative and highly effective procedure is only available at his practice in Epione Beverly Hills.

These three aren’t the only Hollywood celebs who have discovered the magic of Coolaser and you can find more at

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