Lucid dreaming is a sport

Lucid dreamers need to keep in shape. Just think of the brain as a muscle. It needs repetitive exercise, and in the case of lucid dreaming highly specialized exercise, to attain and maintain a decent level of mental skill. Just like an arm or leg would in the case of playing baseball, basketball, or soccer.

Treat lucid dreaming as a sport

Does the following sound familiar to you? You start learning lucid dreaming, only to have a break for a few weeks, to then discover you need to start all over to get where you left off. Keep in mind, however, that for more experienced lucid dreamers this fall-back” curve will unlikely to return to its original non-skill level. Once you have attained a certain level of skill, you can enjoy it for the rest of your life. Though the art will always require prolonged dedication and effort. In my case, I still need to train for a few weeks to return to my usual lucid dream performance. Whereas novice lucid dreamers will likely need a few months more. Lucid dreaming is like a sport. So treat it as one in your practice.

Repetitious exercises

What repetition are we talking about? Well, for one, dream recall. You need to recall and journal your dreams each and every day, especially when you are just starting to learn lucid dreaming. Secondly, reality testing. Frequently question your current state of wakefulness during the day. Thirdly, set goals and review them each day. Are you making progress? Why? What is the thing that works or does not work for you? Just like training for a marathon you need to have an idea of whether you are improving, and if not, what you can do about it. Maybe you should look for inspiration on a lucid dreaming dedicated resource?

Get a lucid dream coach

Do you have a close friend that is able to lucid dream more than you do? Use Lucidipedias lucid dreaming forum to connect to other student lucid dreamers like yourself. Get to know them. Get to know yourself. Learn about their mistakes and resolutions. Exchange ideas and experiences. Get yourself a lucid dream coach or subscribe to a newsletter from; these can provide detailed information and support on how to quickly gain reliable skills in lucid dreaming. If you are new to lucid dreaming and new to Lucidipedia, you should really check out our online lucid dreaming classes. A great place to enroll for high-end educational content on the topic and meet other lucid dreamers at the same time.

Reality checks can be fun!

Have you ever tried to learn yourself this habit of questioning reality? I did and I found this quite hard, I tried to associate reality checks with all kinds of different things but I still had trouble with it. I was thinking about what could possibly be done to remind myself of reality checking.

No matter whether you are a novice or a bit more experienced, there is nothing like a failure in the case of learning lucid dreaming. Only feedback. Just get into shape!

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