King Palm Is Changing the Smoking Industry and Working Toward Wellness

There is always a way to make any industry a bit more natural, including smoking. Customers are becoming more and more aware of what they put in their bodies and are demanding the highest possible quality. This is why one company out of California is here to deliver. King Palm is disrupting the smoking industry by showing how things can be done better. Focused on innovation and providing the best customer experience, the business spent years and a great deal of resources on research so that they could come up with the perfect leaf wrap that would make rolling joints or blunts extremely easy and would not contain any harmful nicotine additives. 

King Palm uses the Cordia leaf, which combines precisely those two aspects. They partnered up with a small factory and local farmers in Southeast Asia to take care of the production process while the rest of the company team and headquarters are located in Ontario, California.

“Our mission is to deliver a superb smoking experience to our customers without any harmful ingredients. People have the right to know exactly what they are putting into their bodies when it comes to food, drinks, and smoke. This is the guiding principle that keeps us going,” a member of the team shares.

In line with this mission, not only are King Palm’s leaf wraps organic and sustainable, but so are all of the products that the company puts out. Their packing tools are made of bamboo as opposed to plastic. They use humidity control packets to avoid the need for additives. The pre-installed filter is made of corn husk, and there is an organic flavor ball inside the filter that can be squeezed to release extra flavors. With King Palm’s products, rolling becomes incredibly easy.

It’s no wonder that King Palm has been growing exponentially. In 2017, they had over $2.5 million in back orders. The year after, the company grew by 40%. “We try to keep up with demand as much as possible. The reason we get back orders is that the process takes quite a while. Each wrap is hand-rolled, and we simply can’t rush that,” a team member says.

Continuing this trajectory in 2020, King Palm debuted their flavored packs, including Banana Cream, Berry Terps, Margarita, Mango Tango, Magic Mint, and more. “We aren’t afraid to do things our way and deviate from what the norm is,” the King Palm team shares. They apply a large dose of creativity when it comes to project research and development, and are happy to experiment with flavors.

Since the start of the pandemic, King Palm has seen even more substantial growth. “With people staying at home and many of them feeling anxious, they have turned to smoking. Not only that, but they have sought out quality products and our flavored line was there just in time to deliver the experience. That’s why our sales have increased so much,” the team member explains. King Palm has even partnered up with the behemoth 7-Eleven, and their packs are now available all across the globe, spurring on further growth to come.

Next year, King Palm will be releasing even more limited-edition flavors. They will be releasing their new flavored tip line so that people can use the beloved flavored tips with any wrap, joint, or cigarillo they choose. King Palm will also be releasing the first-ever rollable palm leaf wrap toward the middle of 2021. These new products are expected to change the “roll your own” (RYO) industry once again.

Word about King Palm is spreading quickly. While they are technically forbidden from marketing on Facebook and Google due to the nature of the business, they don’t lack for customers. The products’ quality speaks for itself, and word is traveling quickly. King Palm has some powerful support in the form of celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Kehlani, Swae Lee, Joe Rogan, and more, who are raving about the products.

By putting the customer at the center of its business, King Palm has been able to disrupt the industry and quickly establish itself as a strong and successful company. They are expected to move rapidly in that direction and expand their operations and the 2,500-person team even further. As they continue to receive outstanding customer reviews and have garnered over 295,000 followers on social media. The company is an agent for change on an industry-wide scale and is committed to sustainability and unwavering quality control.

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