Kim Constable Set to Launch the Only Vegan Fitness App on the Market

The pandemic has changed the way we work, play, and work out. For many of us that relied on a strict 6 AM gym routine, spin class, or pilates before their workday, had to find alternatives to location dependant activities. Staying motivated becomes more challenging when our routines are disrupted. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps and video streaming platforms that allow us to work out whenever, and wherever we want.

We can use technology to organize our lives, track our progress and stick to the routines that help us achieve our best. There’s a high demand on a consumer level for health and fitness apps. A survey conducted in 2018, reported that 42% of US adults used some sort of digital technology to measure their fitness and health improvement goals. During the first quarter of 2019, there were over 30,000 apps under the health and fitness section of Google Play

Despite the number of fitness apps that allow you to track everything from your sleep and water intake, to exercise and diet, there is none on the market that is customized to vegans, despite the upward trend of veganism in the past decade. For vegans that are striving to build lean muscle and achieve a stronger physique, they must exercise a special degree of caution in regards to nutrition; specifically making sure they get enough protein, B12, and other nutrients that will optimize their metabolism and energy levels.

A disrupter in the industry is fitness icon, Kim Constable, who is bringing the world’s first vegan fitness app to the market. This app will combine Kim’s famous workout and nutrition guides for vegans, so it takes the guesswork out of achieving the results she has. Kim is the founder of The Sculpted Vegan, which provides vegans with the tools and guidelines to achieve a bodybuilder physique. Kim has won numerous competitive physique shows and been featured in Forbes magazine, Entrepreneur magazine, The Sunday Times, and The Irish News.

 In the three years since Sculpted Vegan launched, it has generated over $8 million in revenue. The Sculpted Vegan app is going to be an extension of this success, and fulfill the demand for an on-the-go, vegan customized, fitness app.

Customized Coaching at Your Fingertips

Gone are the days where you have to sign up at the gym and spend thousands of dollars to get a trainer to achieve your fitness goals. Technology has allowed us to gain more convenient access to the information and tools we need. However, the downside of this, is we are often overwhelmed with too much information on the internet, which can actually hinder us from taking the appropriate action.

This is why Kim has intricately designed her app to include audio and world-class vegan coaches that can guide you through the fitness journey. Having access to expert advice, full meal plans, and training routines can reduce the noise and uncertainty about how to get started. Another plus is that this app can be tailored for the gym or home workouts, leaving no room for excuses.

Filling the Gap: Normalizing Strong Vegans

There’s no app on the market that targets vegans and bodybuilding. Veganism usually provokes notions of better health, caring for the environment, having a leaner body mass, but something you don’t often hear about is vegans competing in bodybuilding or weight lifting competitions.

Vegan diets are often perceived to be inadequate in protein, than animal-based diets. Since, conventional bodybuilding plans rely heavily on lean animal protein (eggs whites, chicken breast, yogurt, whey protein..etc), there’s a consistent lack of information for vegans to obtain the same results. There is also the skepticism of whether vegans can build muscle as efficiently without relying on those conventional sources of protein.

Kim is living proof, that it is possible to achieve strong physiques and win fitness competitions while eating 100% vegan. As a busy, 42-year-old, mom of four, she has overcome the barrier of not having resources that are tailored to her busy life, by creating her own detailed programs. Kim’s specialized programs have already helped thousands of people, and will now only gain further reach through the creation of the app.

Leveraging Success from Fitness Community

One thing technology allows us to do, is to connect with more specialized communities. Starting a weight-loss or fitness journey as a vegan can feel pretty isolating. Having the right coach, support, and role models can help you stay on track with your goals. The Sculpted Vegan app combines all these factors together. Not only will you have a plan, but you’ll receive access to the entire community who are all aspiring to get more fit, healthy and disrupt conventional standards. It can be encouraging to watch other people who are similar to you, conquer their goals and become successful. It also allows you to leverage Kim’s expertise as a multi-time physique show winner to produce the best results.


Unprecedented events have led us to seek alternatives in technology spaces to maintain or enhance our daily activities and lifestyle. Fitness and health are at the forefront of people’s minds these days, and for more specialized diets, there lacks a concrete tool that has both exact fitness and nutrition plans well integrated. 

Kim Constable is here to offer that solution to vegans aspiring to take their fitness to the next level. The app combines the rigorous training regime developed through her competition days, and the exact metrics and macronutrient calculators to help people easily stay on top of their nutritional requirements. The app aims to build stronger communities around this domain, and normalize the trend of vegans being just as capable of building lean muscle, as their omnivore neighbors.

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