Kevin Kloud and Myles Reed Show Excellent Chemistry in the New Song, Granite

The chemistry that Kevin Kloud and Myles Reed have on their new song is undeniable! Granite(produced by foreignboi, Kevin Kloud) is a rock solid song filled with high energy, incredible flows, and smooth transitions that really captures the sound of new york drill and spanish trap.

The addition of the music video is the cherry on top!  The video perfectly matches the smooth tempo of the song by not over flexing but just enough flash that really gives the video a genuine vibe.  Another element that really adds to the video is the fact that the two rappers have known each other since high school but didn’t become friends till after and then started to pursue music.

The song is really a celebration of how far they’ve come and how much they have grown and that is a feeling we could all use a little bit of.  Let us know what you think and click the link below to peep the video!



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