iAmMoneyMoves Journey to The Top

iAmMoneyMoves is a music entrepreneur who has established his identity as a musical artist, author, and actor. The American entrepreneur has been doing exceptional work in helping independent artists in building a strong presence in the music world.

Norman Bechtel, popular as iAmMoneyMoves, considers that the digital revolution has given every artist an exceptional opportunity to establish his brand online. He is based in Pasadena, MD and he has worked as a photographer for many popular music artists.

While doing his job as an artist-photographer, he made a decision to start his own venture in the entrepreneurial world to support young artists. iAmMoneyMoves has expertise in artist management/development, digital, and online marketing.

What makes iAmMoneyMoves different from other serial entrepreneurs is that he first tests his strategies on himself before applying them to his clients. Throughout his journey, his close friend, Ben Ballassai, has motivated him and supported him to become the best version of himself.

Today, iAmMoneyMoves is changing the lives of many young artists by pushing their content among the target audience through digital means. The artist manager maintains close communication with his clients to provide them with any help at the earliest.

With the help of his artist management/development program, iAmMoneyMoves makes intense efforts to provide online marketing & artist management services to artists in the digital world. He considers that the Covid-19 pandemic has given every artist a wonderful opportunity to build his brand in the digital world.

iAmMoneyMoves helps young music artists to take their music to a new level. Due to his splendid services, iAmMoneyMoves has built a strong name for himself in the artist management world. He has also written the No. 1 Bestselling book in his career.

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