How CEO Ada Hu is inspiring young women to succeed

When Ada Hu set out make a difference in her life, she didn’t just want to create a digital agency; her goal was to disrupt the existing structure. Ada is a founder of NU Media, and along with her partner, Eva Jiang, she has been able to build an exemplary brand and expand her footprints way beyond the shores of digital media.

As a true differentiator, her philosophy of “women support women” has been her main driver in business and entrepreneurship. Using her innate potential and self-taught disruptive skills, she is not just helping brands achieve their marketing objectives but also building the next generation of female disruptors and entrepreneurs who would change the narrative and transform the world of business in a way never before seen.

One way Ada is achieving this mandate is found in the way the team at NU Media is constituted. More than 95% of all members of the team are women with an ever-growing age of 26. Nu Media is a team driven by young professionals with a vision to transform the digital media space. Together, they are staying ahead of the curve, creating value with unwavering knowledge, growth opportunities and groundbreaking idea implementations.

These young sheroes at NU Media offers a team of fresh and dynamic talent that provides cutting-edge marketing trends and techniques. She puts it in very simple words, “our working environment is unlike any other. Every project we take on, we work as a team. We are individuals with different skillsets collaborating together to provide the best for our clients. There are five top tips she encourages every young to follow in order to be successful in their industries.

Consistency. Most people try out a new project and after a few days- if they don’t get the desired results- they drop the project. Ada believes that only those who make up the 1% are able to be Consistent in their business and projects for a long period of time (until success is achieved). She says that anyone who desires growth in personal life or business must be willing to see it through.

Humility. Humility is a truly underrated virtue. In fact, it is one ingredient that has helped many top entrepreneurs in their journey. As Ada points out, humility is what opens you up to accept what you don’t know and be ready to learn. Whether it’s a new idea from an associate or a suggestion from a staff, the willingness to humbly listen and learn is a key ingredient for success.

Hardwork. The essence of hardwork cannot be overemphasised. Unlike many women who feel entitled to some special treatments, Ada believes a woman has to work twice harder than her male counterpart to attain significant success. Gaining the acceptance of the male-dominated corporate world means you must bring something extra, otherwise nobody will listen. She says even when a high IQ fails, hardwork is a sure ingredient for positive results.

Curiousity. With the ever-changing world, it is important for women to constantly update their skills and continue to learn. Curiousity is what pushes you to learn new things, be alive to new developments and adapt to new innovations. You must be willing to change with the world, says Ada.

Confidence. If you want to stand out, you need to have confidence. Ada Hu’s mission to help girls become expressive and outspoken in whatever field they find themselves is proof of the importance of confidence. “It means you can step out and get things done, without anyone paying attention to whether you’re a man or a woman,” she notes.

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