How AladiEx Bridges The Gap Between Businesses And Investors

The digital era has made the world a virtual village. In this golden era of development, the micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) now can leverage technology bringing limitless opportunities to the general populace. AladiEx is a superexchange platform and financial supply tool that can help these businesses reach their goals by connecting them to the right investors. 

Where Does The Problem Lie in MSME Funding?

About 90% of the MSMEs suffer from severe funding challenges that prevent them from attaining their full potential. The traditional credit system doesn’t favor entrepreneurs from the developing world economies. The most challenging hurdle faced by these small businesses is finding the right funding support that they need, as most banks and traditional financial institutions consider them to be high-risk with low or no credit rating. The strict regulations and hesitance to fund small businesses by conventional banks have forced these entrepreneurs to resort to personal guarantees, informal loans and credits, which drives up their costs or makes it very difficult to get the funding they need. 

How AladiEx  Brings Investors and Businesses Together

AladiEx is a modern-day ecosystem that supports enterprises gaining access to the funds needed for their projects in a low-cost, low barrier manner and assists investors worldwide to find these good projects to invest in. The AladiEx platform uses blockchain technology to greatly improve access to capital for many businesses that are currently having issues raising the funds they need, ultimately giving MSMEs improved access to finance. With its user-friendly trading tools, the AladiEx ecosystem helps investors easily manage their assets and investments in these great projects, all on a single platform. 

The bi-focal foundation of AladiEx helps MSMEs connect with investors like never before. It is not just an exchange or a trading service platform rather it’s a social network that allows both investors and businesses to interact, learn, and copy from the leading community expertise. The AladiEx ecosystem helps startups and small businesses raise capital funds using an effective method that helps them grow sustainably. 

A New Era of Fundraising 

AladiEx bridges the gap between investors and businesses by tokenizing businesses and radically changing the fundraising landscape by enabling the funding process to be more transparent and efficient. With its worldwide approach to the fundraising industry, the AladiEx platform offers the best for both MSMEs and investors. Its borderless, secure, and highly rewarding ecosystem ensures that only authentic projects are allowed access to its platform. The carefully designed AladiEx funding model uses KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure the milestones achieved by businesses before progressing to the next funding round. This ensures that only the deserving businesses get their funding and protect investors against businesses overspending as they only raise what is necessary per funding round. With an aim to assist 1 Million MSME businesses over the next 5 years, AladiEx is set to bring a new era in fundraising on our super exchange platform.

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