From Entrepreneur to Artist DJ PositiveVibes Makes A Smooth Transition

Sherri Nourse is an entrepreneur who has run a successful social media marketing agency for quite some time now. Recently, she has decided to embark on a new venture and become a DJ in the Los Angeles area. She has now released her first four songs as an artist and now goes by the name DJ PositiveVibes.

Choosing this new path was something DJ PositiveVibes has thought of for a long time now since she has always been inspired by music. Her expertise in the business realm has now made this transition smoother than ever due to her marketing expertise. When launching her career this October of 2020, DJ PositiveVibes mapped out a promo plan that she would typically use for her clients. Following this blueprint, she has now received thousands of streams and has picked up tons of media coverage.

Normally when artists start out in a new field, they face trial and error, learning along the way. DJ PositiveVibes on the other hand is not new to the social media promotion scene and has set herself up nicely. Using this business knowledge mixed with her passion for music, DJ PositiveVibes isn’t far from making this endeavor a powerful one. 

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