Founder of African American museum in Louisiana died of ‘traumatic asphyxia’

The woman who founded the African American history museum in Louisiana was found dead in a car trunk. According to the Autopsy reports released on Monday it suggested that the 75-year-old lady died out of traumatic asphyxiation.

The autopsy was conducted by the office of East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner stated that Sadie Roberts-Joseph died because of traumatic asphyxia. The car in which Roberts-Joseph was found belonged to her and this was confirmed by the police of Baton Rouge.

On Monday, the coroner’s office stated that they did the investigation out of utter sadness and respect and said that the death was unexpected and was because of certain traumatic influence. They further added to the statement that when their investigations involve unexpected victims like that of Ms. Sadie Joseph, the situation becomes quite tragic. They also extended their condolences to the family and friend of Ms. Joseph.

Pat McCallister-Leduff is the niece of Roberts-Joseph; she stated that her entire family is under immense grief and she falls short of words to express what they all are going through. She also added that her aunt has stood against everything despite what happened to her.

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