Creating Lasting Change in the Real Estate Industry: Jerry Vanleeuwen

Meet Jerry Vanleeuwen, the founder, and owner of Vanleeuwen Real  estate advisors. The team believes in delivering phenomenal service to  their customers. ‘Our experience, knowledge and communication skills  allow us to provide a level of service that is unmatched in our industry.’- Vanleeuwen Real Estate. They render their services in Cambridge,  Kitchener, Waterloo, and surrounding areas of Ontario, Canada.  

About Jerry Vanleeuwen

Jerry Vanleeuwen worked as an advanced care paramedic for nine  years. However, he always felt that something was missing in his life.  He was not experiencing personal growth and development in his  career. Later, Jerry chose real estate as his new profession and a path  for personal development. He started building a growth-oriented team  that focuses on becoming the best one can be. Vanleeuwen wants to  help people realize their untapped potential so that they can rise to  accomplish massive goals.  

Achievements listed by Jerry Vanleeuwen  

Vanleeuwen states that he is the president of Keller Williams Young  Professional Canada. He is also the top listing agent. Jerry is a real  estate investor, and his real estate team is among the top 100 real  estate teams in North America. 

Obstacles faced by Vanleeuwen in his career journey  

Jerry mentions that he failed twice while building a team for real estate.  He also grossed 1 million throughout the pandemic that occurred in  2020.

Jerry elucidating how he established a name in the real estate  industry 

Vanleeuwen believes that he established a name for himself by  providing a consistent customer experience. ‘We’re always looking to  improve our service.’ adds Jerry Leeuwen. He is also restructuring the  KWYP Canada organization.  

Leeuwen’s thoughts if Forbes approaches him for an interview 

Jerry says that he would like Forbes to perceive him as a professional  and growth-oriented leader.  

Vanleeuwen‘s advice that’s unique within the industry  

Jerry Vanleeuwen says that one should grow consistently. He believes  that one attracts who one is. Vanleeuwen also says that one should be  cautious while choosing who they want to be with because they are the  sum of the five people they surround themselves with  

Vanleeuwen’s sole purpose 

Jerry Vanleeuwen wishes to help others achieve their unrealized  potential. He wants people to break free from oppression. Vanleeuwen  desires to set an example for his daughters and show them that  anything is possible if one works hard enough. 

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