Cosmetic Expert, Dr Dev Patel, Offering A Smile To Those In Need

Dr Dev Patel outlines the latest cutting edge solutions for scarring

Dr Dev Patel is one of the UK’s leading aesthetic skin specialists. His clinic, based just 90 minutes from London in the historic city of Portsmouth, draws patients from all over the UK and abroad. The multi-award-winning clinic, Perfect Skin Solutions, has also become a centre of excellence for scar treatment. We spoke to Founder and Medical Director, Dr Dev Patel, to find out more. “Most patients come to us through their own research but we do get quite a few referrals from GPs and plastic surgeons too. So many new patients tell me, that for years, they have been told nothing can be done for their scarring. It is true that one should not expect complete eradication of scarring but we can certainly achieve significant improvement in the cosmetic appearance of scarring in most patients.  I am saddened that so many have lived their younger years of school and higher education life, early relationships and so on, all with the heavy psychological burden of their scarring. A scar may also be a constant reminder of a tragic incident or violent relationship. The impact can be much greater than many may imagine and far-reaching in how it shapes personality and behaviour.”

Dr Patel continues to outline his key treatment options: “The strategy is to combine treatments into one tailored plan. So many patients attend who have already had little improvement from well recognised treatments such as microneedling or CO2 laser. Many acne scars in particular, require a technique called subcision to dissect the underlying scar tissue. Without this, very little improvement can be achieved. Diagnosing the type of scarring is also important; a true ‘ice-pick’ scar (many believe they have these when they do not), requires surgical removal. We offer around 10 different treatment options for scarring but may use only three or four of these in any given patient. My favourite combination is subcision if required, followed by a triple hit of three powerful treatments in a single session: Fractora (microneedle-assisted radiofrequency, iPixel (fractional ablative laser) and Exosome therapy (stem cell-derived technology). I have trialled various protocols and settings and we get amazing results. All patients will prepare the skin with GF5 Bioregenerative Serum by CellDerma. Almost all report improvements in their scarring just from using this for a few weeks, even before I have started in-clinic treatment. They continue this throughout the treatment programme. It is basically a cocktail of power growth factors which simulate our own natural growth factors for healing and repair.” 

Dr Dev Patel often treats pro bono and scarring is the presenting problem in many of these cases. “There are usually many years of tears to be shed in my room during the first consultation, although nothing brings me and my team more joy, than converting these tears of sadness into tears of joy, along with a big smile. That is my ultimate treatment goal and it does feel good to reach that point. The sense of that deep emotional connection with my patient is hard to describe but that is what drives me to wanting to treat the next person who walks into my clinic.”

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