Generally, the UK is well known for its booming entertainment industry and nightlife activities. But over the years, the cities in the UK have been made to enjoy a different type of nightlife event that they have never experienced before. This is because Chris Sarchet Bell recently introduced a dynamic concert concept, known as Shutdown Events, and it has become the UK’s favourite indoor festival brand for U18s

In 2014, Shutdown Events was introduced to focus on the younger market, with the aim of getting the interest of the young audience and giving them the first-hand opportunity to enjoy nightlife events before they attain adulthood. The idea is to show that young ones can socialize and have fun without the need to get intoxicated.

With this, Chris Sarchet Bell has made a name for himself as the pioneer of a youth-led nightlife event, and the Shutdown brand has spread from Burnley to all different parts of the UK. Now, clients across the country send in more requests for the events to be hosted in a city or town close to them more than ever before. 

What inspired the dynamic Shutdown brand?

Ordinarily, the Shutdown brand has had previous experiences in the event and nightlife industry by hosting lots of concerts under the Grenade name. From this, Chris saw a gap in the market and decided to extend the program by reaching to a younger market and ensuring that they are not left out. This initiative became important because it will help teenagers on the brink of adulthood between the ages of 14 years to 17 years prepare for participating in nightlife events when they come of age. 

“We hoped to try and tackle the younger market, to be able to get interests from a young audience, and when they come of age, we will be able to pass them on to their over 18’s brand Grenade,” Chris said.

So far, Shutdown has spread nationwide and has hosted regular events across over ten cities nationwide. In addition to this, the event has collaborated with top brands and names in the music and entertainment industry. This allows the Shutdown brand to continue to grow in high demand on a weekly basis because attendees have the chance to meet their favourite stars.

“We originally used host these events with some of the biggest names from some of the most popular reality TV shows, paint & foam parties, Co2 & confetti parties, and a lot more, now it’s all about the experience and putting on a huge show that they can’t experience anywhere else in the country and combining that with mega production and acts ” Chris says.

Although it has not been easy to get this level of success and support, Chris Sasrchet Bell has gained the trust of many clients with his event. When he was starting, the major obstacles he faced included getting venues for the events and getting the local authority to approve an event that was filled with so many kids without any safety issues. 

Now,  Shutdown Events have attracted a lot of support from local and international partners because they see how well Chris Sarchet Bell organizes the events.

“Success to me is brand recognition, hearing great feedback, and being able to look after my family,” He says.

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