Bonnie Locket is Dancing Her Way to the Top

A professionally trained dancer, singer, and actor, who just happens to love supercars.

If you have not heard of Bonnie Locket yet, then the logical question is, “Where have you been?” Bonnie is a young British model and social media influencer who raked in $400,000 in only eight months during 2020! With the wits and drive to accomplish almost anything, Bonnie runs multiple businesses, drives supercars, and has a body most of us only dream about. With a keen eye for marketing her brand and diversifying her streams of income, Bonnie has proved that with enough hard work, dedication, and talent, a person can do anything he or she wants!

For anyone who has not heard of the British model yet, Bonnie Locket is a 32-year-old British actress, singer, and model, who has starred in the UK tour of “High School Musical.” She has also appeared in a sizzling Ann Summers campaign. Bonnie has a property business where she rents rooms to tenants in Surrey. She has a webcam modeling agency, as well, where she recruits models for webcamming. As if that were not enough, Bonnie also has experience running a dance agency! Hold onto your hats because that’s not all! Bonnie began an OnlyFans account in mid-March 2020, and earned over $400k in just eight months, putting her in the top 0.06% of content creators worldwide!! So far, Bonnie has over 400,000 Instagram and nearly a million Tik Tok followers. It looks like she is quickly separating herself from the competition online.

Why the love of fast cars? Does a girl need a reason? Yes, this British beauty loves supercars, and she can buy her own, thank you very much! Her first big purchase was a Lamborghini Gallardo with a price tag of over $100,000. She has also owned a Mercedes AMG GTS Edition One, and her current baby: a Ferrari California T, which she bought with her OnlyFans income. Bonnie loves the feeling of driving a fast car that symbolizes her growing success.

“When I step inside a car like my new Ferrari, it is a constant reminder that any dream is possible if you work hard enough.”

Bonnie began modeling via webcam, and upon seeing that explode in a short time, decided to keep her foot on the gas of her modeling career. As things took off even further, she went from living in a 3-bedroom penthouse to a beautiful barn conversion in Surrey. The moves inspired a love of property management, which has translated to owning four rentals so far. Early on, Bonnie made the career move to webcam modeling – a choice that paid in dividends as Bonnie’s earning potential seems to be limitless.

There have been many ups and downs in her time in business so far. Mostly, Bonnie has found a community of supportive fellow entrepreneurs. However, as with any great success story, there have been obstacles. “There are some pretty nasty keyboard warriors out there,” she says of the internet trolls that sometimes harass her. To persevere through the vile, objectifying comments, Bonnie has had to “get a thicker skin” pretty quickly. That said, she is grateful to be able to work from home, or anywhere in the world, doing something she loves.

“I get the last laugh because I am able to work from home, set my own hours, and maintain a job even in the scariest of situations such as the 2020 pandemic.”

The advice Bonnie gives to others starting out in the business is simple: Be true to yourself. It is through self-confidence, determination, and doing what is right for you (not anyone else) that she has achieved such rapid and impressive results. Additionally, relying on the support of friends, family, pets, and fans is crucial. “My dogs are my babies, and without them I don’t know what I would do!” 

We can expect to see a lot more of Bonnie in the future. She has plans to increase her online presence, provide fresh content to her fans, and incorporate her keen sense of humor into her content, too.

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