Zeinab Mehdi Poor is by far the most stylish accountant and Instagram personality in Iran

The field of accountancy may not seem to be the most glamorous career but it can bring you one step closer to the finance and business world. For any business to sustain in the market, it is the accountants who play the key role. Today we tell you about one successful accountant who is an entrepreneur now. Zeinab Mehdi Poor is the name who built her reputation in the financial market. Born in Masjed Soleyman, Iran, she is currently residing in Turkey. Zeinab did her bachelors in accounting from Ahwaz University of Applied Sciences. Later in 2014, she also did her diploma in graphics from the Masjed Soleyman Azad University. The entrepreneur in today’s time is considered a guide when it comes to financial decisions and investments.

Before making it big in the field, she worked at a private accounting company at the initial stage of her career. With her experience, Zeinab later registered a company of her own. She started the company in Masjed Soleyman. The company is majorly specialized in financial accounting affairs, financial interpretations, value-added services and also provides detailed reports related to finance. As per her market research, the entrepreneur feels that the COVID-19 crisis has badly affected the market and it will eventually take time to get the financial stability in the market.

Zeinab’s firm has over the years looked into auditing, accounting and solve other financial problems of the companies. Many firms have got back on track after having an inconsistent run financially, However, standing out from other accountants, this young lady adds a glamorous pinch to her personality. Besides accounting and finance, she is also a notable Instagram personality. Her followers are more than 300K and with her Instagram posts, she has brought a lot of positive influence on people’s lives.

The accountant is married to Milad Hatamabadi. Even he is a popular Instagram personality. The duo is blessed with a baby girl named Tala. The sweet family has on major occasions given some serious goals. Apart from this, Zeinab and Milad also update their followers by giving an insight into their luxurious lifestyle. The couple is jointly having other venture of an online game website including online poker, betting football prediction score and many other interesting stuff.

To know about Zeinab Mehdi Poor, check out her Instagram page, ‘@sahar’.

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