The Rapid Recovery of Israeli Weapons Industry and New-Promises

A peek into the arms industry

The arms industry is a global business that encompasses the manufacture of weapons, military technology, and equipment. It includes the commercial industry dedicated to the research, development, production, and service of military equipment and facilities.

It is estimated that more than $ 1.5 trillion in military spending occurs worldwide each year (2.7% of world GDP) representing a decline from 1990 when military spending made 4% of world GDP. Part goes to the acquisition of military equipment and services from the military industry. Arms sales of the world’s 100 largest producing companies totaled an estimated $315 billion as far back as 2006. In 2004, more than $30 billion was spent on the international arms trade (one figure that excludes domestic arms sales).

Worldwide, the arms industry recorded a whopping $4.2 Billion in profits in 2018, excluding those traded by China, which indicates a 4.6% increase from 2017. According to the Stockholm International Institute for Peace Studies (SIPRI). This also signifies a 47% increase from 2002 and continues to grow due to the vitality of the industry in the United States.

“Total sales, by US companies in the ranking, rose to $246 billion, the equivalent of 59 of all Top 100” They added. According to Aude Fleurant, director of the SIPRI Arms and Military Expenditure Program., “The US is preparing for the new weapons modernization program that President Donald Trump announced in 2017,”

The arms industry is driven by constant innovation. The use of advanced technologies is today the core of the development of weapons systems, for example, with drones (vehicles – airborne or not – remotely controlled or automated, which can be used both for surveillance and combat when they are equipped with missiles) or automated borders (which recognize clandestine crossings using a sensor system). As with the development of aviation in the 20th century, these technologies make it possible to establish an increasing distance between the people who kill and those who die (or between those who guard the border and those who try to cross it), thus limiting the risk of injury, loss or empathy with the victims on the part of the aggressor.

Such innovations include the AK-Alfa weaponry conducted by CAA. CAA, under CEO Moshe Oz have long-established themselves as a major player in the industry, providing advanced firearms for optimum performance in any environment. Their innovative products have worked wonders for a number of Armed forces, law enforcement, among others; by enhancing performance levels from aim, to grip, to accuracy, to balance, etc. Thus, positively influencing morale, while making operations more fluid and consistent than ever before. The Alpha series is especially known, says Oz, for its combination between AK world-best engine, and CAA’s unique and novel structure.

The AK-Alpha has a better and more comfortable stock, grip, handle, cheek rest and more. It also has better accuracy and less recoil because of better design. Additionally, it replaced all the moving parts inside, although without touching the inner engine. And rails on top and elsewhere were added to allow accessories like day & night scopes, laser finders, better bipods & tripods to be added like most modern assault rifles. It has versions compatible for 7.62, 5.56 NATO and 9 mm for law enforcement and security.

The AK assault rifle is known to everyone. Since WW2 it’s the most popular rifle in history with sales of over 100 million units. It was the cheapest of the time, easiest to maintain and clean and most reliable in the world. The manufacturer and designer are Israeli arm accessories manufacturer CAA tactical (CAA – Command Arms and Accessories), from Kiryat Gat in southern Israel. Until a few years ago, they only made accessories like grips, flashlights, laser mounts, bipods, Picatinny rails and etc. They have under their belt a total of more than 300 Sku’s.

“With the Alpha, we only kept the inner engine” said OZ in a 2019 interview “and everything else replaced and given a new outfit. We left what’s good inside, primarily firing engine, which is the best and most reliable in the world – and added around it, improved and fixed. I think we made the best assault rifle in the world.”

CAA legal battles finally come to an end

The past two years will be one to remember for CAA industries, as they had been submerged in management upheavals and exhausting legal proceedings, which almost saw an end to Moshe Oz’s reign. What seemed like a time of domination in the arms industry turned out to be one of the darkest times in the company’s history. A period where foreign players fought tooth and nail to shift power from the hands of Oz.

After the trials and tribulations, CAA industries have returned to the market with its new-old ownership and new products for the world to see. The dust settled this year after a compromise was reached between the two factions, which saw Oz take back full control of his prized possession.

As quoted by Ami Rojkes Dombe, Moshe Oz stated in an interview with Israel Defense, “About three months ago we reached an agreement and the company was returned to me so now I hold 100% of the ownership. My brother Eldad left the field. Now we are working on manufacturing the RONI-5, the new model, and two other new products that we will start to market soon, ”He went on to say that, “The RONI-5 will be presented for the first time in Las Vegas in January 2021.”

The resurgence of CAA Israel has seen Moshe Oz create a new marketing firm in Pennsylvania, USA, called CAA America. This company has been put in the hands of Oz, who is believed to be the man to bring the desired push needed to take the company to greater heights.

The coronavirus, however, has slowed down their momentum. The response to the setback has been positive, as they have developed greater efficiency in the area of e-commerce for online sales. According to Oz, “The epidemic slowed down the momentum of our global marketing, but it is a temporary slowdown. We have 45 employees and quite a share of the US market, including projects outside the US,”

In a short period after emerging from the crisis, CAA America has already made great strides by securing deals worth $5 million with Israel, $6 million with Uzbekistan $8 million with Nigeria, $55 million with a leading African country, and 25 Million USD with Georgy and is currently engaged with an American weapons giant. Thus, showing that the sky is the limit for Moshe Oz and his company.

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