Swing the Odds in Your Favor With OptionsSwing Inc.

With the increase in the number, variety, and quality of new technologies and innovations that allow trading and investing to be done entirely remotely, one would expect participating in finance to be easier than ever. However, while entry is the easiest it has ever been, with most barriers to entry removed, this and other recent developments also mean that actually succeeding and making a profit off trading is harder than ever.

Such new developments, along with the influx of knowledge and new players they bring to the market, mean that both the quantity and quality of competition has reached never-before-seen levels. Through such services and the greater power of the internet, much of the mystery involved with trading and financial markets have been swept away, and even the newest of traders have at least an essential working knowledge of the industry.

A big part of this development is the prevalence of financial consultancy and tutorial services that have become available for virtually any type of market or venture. Ranging from established ventures like stocks and real estate to more novel fields like sports handicapping and cryptocurrency, what these services share is their mostly unregulated nature. As such, any aspirants are equally likely to face disappointment or outright scams as to actually gain any experience of their desired field.

Similar services for trading are no different. After all, the internet is rife with scam businesses promising unrealistically high returns to naïve traders with pictures of fast cars, piles of cash, and sprawling properties. With little in the way of legal or even professional regulation, this field is truly a case of caveat emptor. Choosing the right tutorial and consulting business is one of the first and perhaps biggest decisions an aspiring trader has to make.

Intending to veer away from the approach described above, OptionsSwing Inc. is a membership-based financial consulting firm that prides itself on using transparency, integrity, and quality to capture the loyalties of its over 2,000 clients. Initially established by successful stocks trader and former Fortune 500 employee Jason Lee in August 2019, the renewed interest in trading caused by the pandemic has resulted in rapid growth for the company.

Today, the company has over 158,000 followers on Instagram and makes over $1 million in annual revenues. Its founder Jason Lee credits such success to the company’s ability to successfully leverage a digital subscription model amidst the pandemic, its large investments in financial education technologies, and its ability to skillfully delegate tasks to the appropriate members of its team. With this approach, the company has made available various communication channels, automations, bots, and educational resources that allow its members to ask questions, analyze, learn, and trade at their own pace, either alone or together with the community in a safe and encouraging environment. Simultaneously, proper team management has allowed its relatively small team of 15 to handle and continue the company’s recent exponential growth.

For the future, OptionsSwing plans to go further beyond its initial specialties in options and swing trading to offer a full range of trading courses online, which members can access for free at any time. A comprehensive learning management platform is also currently in the works for members to more efficiently learn the basics of trading in a structured yet adaptive fashion.

The example provided by OptionsSwing Inc. shows that a financial consulting company does not need to rely on empty and unrealistic promises to succeed, with its motto of, “Education first, profit second,” and dedication to create disciplined and responsible traders striking a chord with the public. Today, their customers’ satisfaction manifests itself in its rapidly growing base and hundreds of five-star reviews through Google Business, Facebook Reviews, and Trust Pilot.

If you want to learn more about OptionsSwing Inc. and its services, you may visit their website or follow them on Instagram at @optionsswing.

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