Successful TV Reporter Turned Blogger Gives Advice She Wishes She Had Starting Out

Charisse Yu is no stranger to success. She is an Emmy-nominated former TV reporter and journalist who is now a successful six-figure entrepreneur. She is no stranger to achieving goals. But how did she do it? Well, she recently shared the one piece of advice that she wishes someone would have given her at the beginning of her career as a successful food blogger and influencer.

She was one of the first recipients of the Gates Foundation scholarships and graduated magna cum laude from the University of Southern Califonria. Yu then worked for several major network affiliates prior to delving into food blogging. Now more than ever, she is thankful she can earn money from home. Once the pandemic came, her priorities remained the same. She wanted to fulfill her career goals while being a stay at home mom.

During the early years of blogging, she came to realize the importance of adding vegetables to every meal. She was one of the first Instagram accounts to promote Baby Led Weaning, an unconventional way of feeding young children. Essentially, one would skip purees and serve solid soft food when the baby is able to. She later focused on picky eaters after realizing thousands of mothers were anxiously trying to feed their little ones vegetables.

It wasn’t long before Charisse started sharing her recipes with her friends and family on Instagram and Facebook. The reception was so strong that this encouraged her to begin sharing recipes with the world. At first, she focused on easy meals for toddlers but soon expanded to share recipes that the whole family can enjoy. Today, she enjoys a massive following of nearly 400,000 people on Instagram, with over a million monthly viewers of her Pinterest boards.

After everything that she has accomplished, what is the advice she wishes she had sooner? She said that you should find your hidden talent. Find one aspect of you that sets you apart from others. It will help you standout and become a successful influencer. Lastly, always engage with your followers and show that you appreciate them. Check those direct messages and respond to comments because those go a long way.

This is great advice for anyone looking to achieve a similar level of success to what Charisse enjoys today. For Charisse, she gained an edge by making stop motion animation videos related to the food and lifestyle niches. It may be the same for you, or something completely different. Charisse’s advice is universal enough to be able to help anyone looking to become a successful blogger like her.

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