Successful Tech Entrepreneur Shalien Vandeyar on his Fast Rise to Fame and Shaping the Future of Digital Media Marketing

New Zealand based tech entrepreneur Shailen Vandeyar has been defying the odds in an overcrowded market, developing innovate digital media marketing strategies that could get your brand recognized. His years experience in the world of social media have informed these genius growth strategies, and he is becoming known worldwide for being a social media expert.

What does a large amount of dedication, a passion for tech and digital media creation and knowledge of marketing give you? The answer to that question is Shailen Vandeyar. Vandeyar has been putting Australasiaa back at the forefront of digital media production with his knowledge and finesse when it comes to curating a dominating strategy for brands and content creators, pushing them to the top and getting them noticed.

Seize the Opportunity

It all started in 2019, when Vandeyar saw the now huge social media platform TikTok growing to immense heights, and catapulting creators careers in more ways than one. With more than two billion downloads today, TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms we’ve ever seen, and it’s no surprise that experts like Vandeyar are having imminent success on the platform. In 2019, Vandeyar started his account @Laugh, which today has over 1.2 million followers and 50 million likes, no small feat for a kid from Auckland.

Becoming an Expert

Vandeyar’s interest in the digital tech space started when he was studying Marketing at Auckland University of Technology, when he realized that social media marketing was a relatively new concept with growing popularity and a wealth of opportunity. He threw himself into the world of digital tech, starting an E-commerce store called ‘GadgetsYouNeed’ which sold all the latest high-quality tech at incredibly low prices. He reached instant success with the store, and in the process learnt all there is to know about digital marketing and the online world. He used his new-found knowledge and success with his TikTok account in 2019 to start his digital media consultancy firm, VG Media, who aim to help digital media creators, media houses and entities grow and monetize their following, dominating their business goals and the social media realm.

He has gained worldwide recognition for his successful work, and today stands as the branding genius behind some of the biggest creators and brands out there. He has become an expert for monetization of audiences, generating astounding amounts of engagement on their channels. He’s even been known to work with some huge creators, including Neil Henry (@theneilhenry), Michael Fallon (@michael_fallon_), Marty and Michael (@martyandmichael) and Jimi Jackson (@jimisworld).

Shaping the Future of Digital Media

So what’s next for Vandeyar and VG Media? “Our future goal is to cultivate and change the digital marketing landscape globally and locally for brands, media houses and content creators.” When asked what his biggest success was so far, he has said “my success has always been the people we were able to help achieve along the way.” And when it comes to the key moment in his career, he sites “The day I managed my first content creator and helped them quit their job to continue making content full time as a creator.” It’s clear that Vandeyar has a passion to show others how to have a long and prosperous career in the social media and content creation space, and strives to give others the tools he has used to grow his following to such incredible heights.

We’re sure the name Shailen Vandeyar will be around for years to come, as he continues to do amazing work and shape the future of the digital media space. Follow him on Instagram at and on Facebook at Shailz Vandeyar to watch him dominate!

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