Successful Fitness Coach And Entrepreneur, Davon Livingston Reveals How Businesses Can Scale To 6 Figures

Davon Livingston has come a long way since growing up in a Caribbean American middle class household in Queens, New York. Today he is a 6 figure fitness mentor and certified personal trainer/health coach and a rising entrepreneur with two major programs for fitness and body transformation.

Davon’s 6 Figure Fitness Mentorship program is curated for aspiring and existing coaches, fitness trainers and instructors. It reveals the insights and system that is in needed to scale a business to 6 figures in just 6 months to a year.

The online Elite Transformation program allows anyone to train with Davon from anywhere. All body weights are welcome here, and the program offers virtual classes, nutrition and mindset coaching for a small monthly fee. Also included are HIIT workouts, stretching, and strength training.

Davon Livingston has developed a very upfront style of coaching, whether he is training a personal client or another coach. “I’m the realest trainer you know,” he says. Davon has been inspired by athletes and upon seeing how staying fit and healthy positively impacts life.

After 12 years of being in business, Davon has a lot to share. The first seven years turned up many challenges and long hours of work. He had to learn to stay focused, maintain his confidence and manage time. In the last four years, Davon studied his mistakes, and has developed a system to scale up his business to multiple 6 figures with online and in-person training. His passion for coaching other coaches, showing how to avoid burnout and love their work and get compensated remains strong.

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