Steroids for Bodybuilding are Gaining Popularity

Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for puberty, bone strength, muscle gain and aids in the reproductive system. For men who have low levels of testosterone, they are given supplements. The reasons could range from delayed puberty to Gyming purpose. But there is a secret drug doing rounds in the underbelly of main chemists. This is being used by people for whom testosterone supplements aren’t enough.

The chemical name of this drug is Fluoxymesterone. It is an Anabolic steroid that is androgenic in nature. The common name for this steroid is Halostestine.

Halostestine is available in packs of 10 mg, 5 mg and 2 mg. It is consumed by body building enthusiasts and teenage boys with late puberty issues. In its early stages of discovery in the 1950s, the drug was used for a variety of conditions like malnutrition, paraplegia, breast cancer and helping burn victims with recovery.

Since anabolic steroids are banned by the FDA, Halostestine is not available as over the counter drug. But it is still prescribed for a number of issues including breast cancer, androgen deficiencies and many other issues.

Bodybuilders take Halotestine because of its performance enhancing nature. It acts fast and increases Haemoglobin. It also improves mass and the complete structure of red blood cells. This helps in providing excess oxygen to muscles which promotes their healthy growth. It also acts in fast recovery of muscles after sessions of exercise.

This drug is preferred by people who go for lean muscles as it doesn’t allow you to bulk up too much. It gives you the push to extend exercise sessions longer.

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