Speedyville Nardy’s New Album “Sr. Tweak Tweak” Brings Forward His Unique Taste in Music

Speedyville Nardy’s latest album “Sr. Tweak Tweak” is a combination of his unwavering personality and strength poured in good measure in all the 12 hip hop tracks in the album. The chart busting tracks bring forth the hip hop artist’s individualistic and unique taste in music.

Under Speedyville Nardy’s independent label, Pack Money LLC, he has released these original tracks which are now available in all prominent music streaming platforms. His label ‘Pack Money LLC’ is named after his late cousin Pack Mail. Through the label, he wants to take his legacy forward.

The tracks ‘Boi $ Gurl’, ‘Bars Non!’, ‘Villain Up!’, ‘Soft’, and ‘Poetic Shakur’, are major examples of the artist’s proficiency at his work. The tracks are laid with hypnotic soundscapes of digital music. The lyrics lead with meaning and are strong in the approach. The tracks and lyrics blend so well, creating a perfect slow paced lyrical flow.

The listeners are left amazed by the track verses that are spacious and have clever use of vocal prompts, adding to the natural raspy vocal tone of the artist. Speedyville Nardy is from Chicago and his work has garnered a lot of attention. His earlier album “Braveheart Musik” was loved by many. With the latest album finding many takers, one can easily conclude that the artist is consistent with good work and is here to stay in the music industry.

After releasing his latest album “Sr. Tweak Tweak”, Speedyville Nardy is now working on new projects. One can get all the updates by following him on LinkTree, Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify.

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