Ryan Dossey, 26-year-old real estate investor, buys 150 units in 2 years

It is looking like the dawn of a new beginning in the real estate market, and the start of a new reign in the industry with the emergence of a new force in the person of a young and passionate real estate enthusiast popularly referred to as Ryan Dossey. The creative entrepreneur has taken giant strides towards announcing his presence in the market, and he seems to have chained that with a landmark purchase of a whopping 150 units of properties in 2 years for his company’s rental portfolio.

The real estate market in the United States of America and other parts of the world has witnessed a series of evolution over the decades. Different stakeholders from real estate agents to investors as well as buyers have contributed their quota to the development of the market. Despite the influx of different players into the industry and their efforts in growing the market, more needs to be done to ensure that everyone is as satisfied as possible. This is where Ryan and his team are looking to make a difference with their range of innovative solutions.

The successful real estate investor was not born with a silver spoon and practically had to work his way up to live his dream. In the process, Ryan overcame several obstacles, especially in the highly competitive and dynamic real estate market. His most remarkable achievement in recent times remains the purchase of 150 units of real estate properties to beef up his ever-growing rental portfolio.

The recent move by Ryan has reestablished the Hawaii born real estate investor as a major player in the industry as he continues to work hard to fortify his position. In addition to running a real estate company with a large portfolio of properties, Ryan also has a call center named Call Porter, primarily founded only to take calls for real estate professionals. He is also the founder of Ballpoint Marketing, a direct mail company for real estate investors. His third project, which he has described as his life dream is CCF. This real estate company helps all categories of stakeholders in the industry to find high yielding investment opportunities.

The real estate world can be sure of getting more state-of-the-art solutions from Ryan and his team in the future.

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