Onur Agaoglu, the CEO of Agaoglu Concept, Appreciates Turkey’s Efforts to Revive its Tourism Industry with Safety Standards

Turkey has started making efforts to revive its tourism industry as the country has returned to its “new normal” amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Many safety standards have been adopted by Turkey to invite international travelers. Hotels in Turkey have already started to design their facilities in order to maintain social distancing at their premises.

Onur Agaoglu, CEO of Agaoglu Concept has appreciated the efforts of the country to bring back its domestic tourism industry on track. Onur Agaoglu is a member of the Board at Agaoglu Group and founder of the Agaoglu Concept. And he is also the nephew of Forbes billionaire businessman Ali Ibrahim Agaoglu.

According to him, launching a safe tourism certification program to ensure safety in airlines, airports, and other transportation facilities, food avenues, and other accommodations is a positive step. All hotels and restaurants in Turkey are now applying for obtaining the safety certificate which requires conforming 150 control points.

RoyalCert International Registrars, a Germany based independent certification body has been authorized to offer such safety certificates. The certification program covers a total of 150 control points, out of which 12 are based on food and 15 are concerned with accommodation facilities.

It is for the first time that the auditing of hotels and restaurants in Turkey will be done similar to NASA’s health and hygiene standards. And the transparency will be maintained as the certificates will be visible to all customers in hotel premises. According to Onur Agaoglu, this safety model to revive domestic tourism is likely to inspire other countries as well.

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