New Online Shincheonji Seminars on Revelation’s Fulfillment: Starting on October 18th

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic along with other disasters and social upheavals have left the world in a state of turmoil. It has especially had a pronounced effect on people of religion, whether Christian or of other faiths.

Within the Christian sphere, many have taken recent world events to be “signs of the end” and symbols of the “end of the world.” However, historically speaking people have always taken disasters or even possible disasters to mean the end of the world. This ranges from the reign of Emperor Nero to Martin Luther’s assertion of the pope as the beast, to the present-day speculations such as Y2K, the Mayan Calendar, credit cards, bar codes and of course COVID-19.

Rather than a faith based on speculation, one teacher hopes to correct and edify believers for a faith based on actual evidence. This is Mr. Lee Man-hee, Chairman of Shincheonji Church. He says he has personally seen and heard the fulfillment of the people, places and events spoken about in the Book of Revelation, and he plans to teach these things in a series of upcoming seminars.

While many have found themselves in a place of despair during the past two years, the message of Revelation is moreso a book of hope for the one who is able to understand it. The reason some are fearful of the events it describes is that they misunderstand it.

General Director of the Church’s Missions Department, Mr. Kim Shin-chang, believes that now is the perfect time for a seminar like this to take place.

“The number of participants at this time reflects their interest,” he said. “and effort to understand the words of Revelation consistently with the words of the rest of the books of the Bible.”

The wide proliferation of the internet as a streaming and social engagement platform over the past sixteen months has served to bring individuals and communities together in a unique way, and now is a perfect opportunity for questions such as those posed in the book of Revelation to be brought to a conclusion and resolved.

Revelation is typically seen as a difficult and confusing book while it’s meaning is shrouded in mystery and speculation. Understanding the physical fulfillment and reality is the only true way and method for individuals to understand the Book of Revelation’s relationship to us today.

Chairman Lee will be holding Revelation seminars on the chapters of Revelation from October 18th through December 27th. The broadcasts will be live, and viewable from streaming platforms such as Youtube. 1,700 pastors and thousands more lay members have agreed to participate in the program. Many more are expected to attend.

The topic of the seminars will be “Testimony on Prophecy and Fulfillment of Revelation, God’s New Covenant.” It will cover Jesus’ promise of the New Covenant, and how that has been fulfilled through the physical fulfillment of the Book of Revelation. The program will cover all 22 chapters, describing the events with the 5 W’s and 1 H.

(You can watch the seminar by searching “Testimony on Prophecy and Fulfillment of Revelation, God’s New Covenant” on YouTube or through the link

Revelation Seminar Topic Schedule: 10AM (KST) / 1AM (UTC)

Mon, Oct 18 – Revelation Chapter 1

Thu, Oct 21 – Revelation Chapters 2-3

Mon, Oct 25 – Revelation Chapter 4-5

Thu, Oct 28 – Revelation Chapters 6

Mon, Nov 1 – Revelation Chapter 7

Thu, Nov 4 – Revelation Chapter 8

Mon, Nov 8 – Revelation Chapter 9

Thu, Nov 11 – Revelation Chapter 10

Mon, Nov 15 – Revelation Chapter 11

Thu, Nov 18 – Revelation Chapter 12

Mon, Nov 22 – Revelation Chapter 13

Thu, Nov 25 – Revelation Chapter 14

Mon, Nov 29 – Revelation Chapter 15

Thu, Dec 2 – Revelation Chapter 16

Mon, Dec 6 – Revelation Chapter 17

Thu, Dec 9 – Revelation Chapter 18

Mon, Dec 13 – Revelation Chapter 19

Thu, Dec 16 – Revelation Chapter 20

Mon, Dec 20 – Revelation Chapter 21

Thu, Dec 23 – Revelation Chapter 22

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