Matt James Hersh Will Skyrocket Your Business So Fast it Will Scare You

We learned during lockdown that business can become tricky in different situations. Running a business is an admirable endeavor, but even more admirable is guiding people on the path to becoming better and more aligned with their desired results and vision within their own business. Business coaches assist and guide business owners in starting and scaling businesses by helping them see the bigger picture and helping them move toward their goals faster and more effectively. This is exactly what Matt James Hersh from Hersh Research Institute does every day.

Hersh is a business coach and consultant who helps experts design, launch, and sell high value coaching courses. Our favorite quote from Hersh is, “I believe in a world where every human has the freedom to explore, express, and excel in any facet of life they choose”. Through his high-value, high-ticket coaching program, Impact Accelerator, he helps his clients align with their vision of the future, and from there helps them create their mission, model, and marketing to create a high-impact business to drive toward their vision. He loves what he does and truly feels like he’s built the business of his dreams.

When we asked him, “How do you define your success?” Hersh replied, “My biggest success on a personal level is being able to travel the world while building this business. It’s living a lifestyle that I absolutely love. It’s putting my health, my fitness, my energy, first, and letting the business be a byproduct. And I think my biggest success of all is that all of my clients receive ROI when they’re working with me, most of them within the timeframe that we’re working together and in ways that they don’t expect.”

Hersh built his business from the ground up during the pandemic and made 6 figures in his first year, using only organic leads and referrals. By expanding his lead generation and expanding his coaching offerings, he’s on track to make his first $1M. We were impressed to see Hersh grow his business so quickly and know that Hersh has a bright future ahead of him. Best of luck to Mr. Hersh.

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