Know about the Pre-Existing Conditions Visitor Insurance for the USA

A pre-existing condition is referred to any existing health issues that an individual is suffering before purchasing a visitor insurance plan. Acute onset pre-existing condition refers to the sudden and unexpected occurrence of a pre-existing medical problem.

Most travel insurance plans do not cover pre-existing conditions, which means any medical care intending to a particular condition that you had before your trip is not covered by your insurer. 

For example, if a person has diabetes, and wants to check his blood sugar or get insulin refills it will not be covered by the policy. But, in case of asthma, if a person is travelling and suddenly get an asthma attack and treatment is sought within 24 hours of the symptom, it could be viewed as an acute of a pre-existing condition because it appears unannounced and needs immediate attention.

However, when you look at the travel insurance plans with pre-existing health conditions coverage, there’re options available. Very few companies cover pre-existing conditions, but there’re policies covering an acute onset of pre-existing conditions up to a certain limit.

How to buy health insurance based on your health condition? This is one of the most common questions asked! Generally, the main idea behind getting a health care policy is protecting yourself financially in a foreign land from any unforeseen sickness.

Not all health hazards arise due to pre-existing conditions, but some crop up out of the blue. This is why buying visitor insurance with pre-existing conditions for acute onset is imperative.

What are the most common pre-existing conditions?

Cancer, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, epilepsy, diabetes, and asthma are the most common ones. Normally, people with these medical issues live a healthy and stable life, but they may need medicines and regular checkups. However, not all these conditions fall under acute onset.

What is the next step for the visitors?

  • Buy an insurance policy with an adequate coverage that covers the acute onset of a pre-existing condition. Though you may be perfectly healthy at the time of your travel, coverage can double your safety if any issue arises.
  • Before purchasing a visitor health care plan, it is recommended to go through a thorough medical checkup. It will be useful in identifying medical issues and let you travel worry-free.
  • People suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes should buy self-examining tools. These pieces of equipment are not expensive but can be helpful during travel. These conditions are not covered until and unless they appear to be severe and need utmost care within 24-hours of the first symptom.
  • It is recommended to carry sufficient medicine and supplies that can support you during your visit. In some cases, you can get medications from your country via mail.
  • Don’t make a hectic schedule, or the outcome may not be desirable, especially for older adults. Take enough rest between days of your travel.

How to decide if you need pre-existing condition coverage?

You need to be sure if you’ve changed the medications or got some medical tests done before the trip. If yes, then you might need an acute-onset of pre-existing condition policy during your vacation to the USA.

There can be numerous circumstances that can hamper visitors’ stay. For instance, You have been taking cholesterol medication, before your arrival in the USA. Now, while you’re on the trip, you have a heart attack and need to be hospitalized. In this case, you might be able to claim some acute-onset coverage based on the symptoms because you need to be hospitalized within 24 hours of the first symptom.t. 

A lot of families commit the above mistake, assuming that they will be fine and nothing will go wrong. But things go awry sometimes, and you don’t know what to do in a foreign location!

Final thoughts!

It is advisable not to make guesses and assumptions when it comes to health. One should note that policies differ. To avoid any surprises, it is a good practice to go through the certificate wordings to see how the policy defines and covers preexisting conditions. If you have a medical history of a pre-existing condition, opt for plans that cover acute onset of pre-existing health issues. You will be safe during the international trip.

Do you have any other confusion and doubts? Get in touch with a reputable insurer operating in the USA. You will surely be guided in the right direction.

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