In The Fight Against COVID-19, Northshore Clinical Continues To Test Thousands Daily

Northshore Clinical sprang into action while COVID-19 was ravaging the whole world. A newly revamped company, led by a new owner and CEO, Omar Hussain, has today evolved from a small laboratory in Chicago to a massive nationwide testing operation.

In the testing and containment of COVID-19, the company has been phenomenal and helped test hundreds of thousands to date. This has been possible because of its massive network of high-capacity testing facilities across the country. 

One of the highlights that the company boasts is testing tens of thousands of people every day, which has been possible due to the high number of trained people working for the company across the country. The company has tested people in a lot of places, including nursing homes, schools, summer camps, corporations, and many more locations. Apart from conducting COVID tests, it has also administered thousands of doses of the COVID vaccine across the length and breadth of Illinois.

Just a few years ago, Omar Hussain, the now CEO of Northshore Clinical, decided it was time to expand his operations by starting a full-fledged lab. Opening a lab from scratch is not an easy job, there are a lot of statutory compliances like licenses and paperwork associated with it. 

Northshore Clinical was by then an already existing lab. It had been in Chicago for more than 34 years, but it was a small operation. The COVID-19 pandemic was yet to hit the world in February 2020 when Omar and his friend could finally afford to buy Northshore Clinical, deciding to bootstrap the acquisition in attempts to turn the company around. The work of developing the lab began. It was a slow process, but the pandemic helped it grow in leaps and bounds as new initiatives were made, and the vast need for tests nationwide grew in what seemed like a split second. 

By November 2020, Northshore Clinical was already testing their first COVID samples. The new office was 15,000 sq. ft. and included a free clinic. The exponential growth is evident since they have taken two more offices and are now looking at 50,000 sq. ft. of office space. They have proudly stated that they are doing over 20,000 COVID tests every single day.

Northshore Clinical is helping the entire country and its people to contain the deadly pandemic and promises to continue doing so for as long as they need to.

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