Gun Hudson Insights on How to Successfully Manage Bitcoin Investment Hedge Fund

Hedge funds rely on the fund’s visionary founders and analysts’ teams to guide their money in the right direction. The best funds continuously seek the next edge, even if they already outperformed the market each year. Recently there has been a massive percentage growth of Bitcoin that’s gaining attraction from many investors. But success in hedge fund management is not for everyone. You have to have the right skills and experience to be able to make it. The investors on these funds receive profits from the manager’s market maneuvers, which means that the managers have to be very good at what they are doing.

Gun Hudson helps online entrepreneurs and global citizens to invest legally and tax-free in the original Bitcoin, which projects to be the highest return investment for the decade. As a fund manager for Satoshi Holding, Hudson has been able to double his funds’ bitcoin investments in some of the toughest market situations, including the current Corona Black Thursday Market Crashes, and 2018 during the Bitcoin Bubble. In this article, Hudson shares his insights on how to navigate these harsh yet exciting environments. 


  1. Know your competitive advantage


To be successful, your hedge fund must have a competitive advantage over others in the market. It could be a marketing advantage and information Advantage a trading advantage or resource advantage. In the case of Hudson, registering the business in the Cayman Islands plays a critical role in ensuring that the hedge fund is not taxed. Whatever your competitive advantages, it is essential to be open-minded and explore the resources at hand. Research shows that fewer investors plan to increase their allocations to Hedge funds. Therefore, it is crucial that as a manager, you’re able to know your unique value proposition to keep you in business. 


2. Be innovative 


Investors are always looking for managers who can effectively implement nextgen data to gain an advantage. To keep pace with the investors’ appetite for new products and innovative offerings, managers need to not only imagine the Investment strategies but also focus on using data to make decisions effectively. Besides, the hedge fund industry continues to be disrupted, especially during these economic times. For you to grow, it is important to look one step further to keep on top of the game. Investor expectations are always high. Opportunities in the fintech and advancement of datasets analytics are your weapons in the current digital space. 


3. Risk Management


Investors continue to put fund managers under scrutiny. At the same time, managers also feel the pressure to provide competitive compensation to investors. Like any other business, risk management is an essential piece of the puzzle when running a successful hedge fund. As a manager, you need to have a precise and competitive method for managing business and portfolio risk. Hudson notes that hedge funds are always different from traditional funds and also maybe and also unique to a particular hedge fund. Having a 360 view is crucial. Marketing strategy with one place, but you must also pay attention to 1 model risk operational risk counterparty risk. 


4. Have a sales and marketing plan


Like in any other business, nothing happens without sales. It is essential to develop a plan for raising assets now and in the future. There are many potential sources of investors, such as fund-of-hedge-funds foundations and endowments and sub-advisory relationships sub-advisory. Hudson advisors that marketing and sales tool kit must contain all of the basics that any trustworthy business has. While this may seem essential, anyone who can help your business is hundreds if not thousands of hedge fund managers are here. It’s easy for them to see which managers have invested their time and effort towards doing a successful business. 

The bottom line

Like in any other situation, investors always conduct extensive due diligence before they commit money to any hedge funds. As a manager, it is vital to layout your strategies so that it’s clear and attractive for any potential investor. Hudson has been able to make a name for himself successfully and, more importantly, live his dreams. His mantra is always to go back to the basics and think outside the box. Connect with him here to learn more about his work. 

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