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We all want to be happier, right? To feel calmer, more peaceful, and just better. And there’s no lack of courses, programs, and classes offering to do just that. But how do you know what is legit and what is, well, not?

This is where I love to do my research, and search for as much as I can!

What is The Art of Living Foundation?

The Art of Living Foundation was founded in 1981 by global spiritual leader Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. In addition to running humanitarian programs, The Art of Living Foundation also offers courses and education in yoga, meditation, and breathwork, which have changed the lives of millions of people. 

The Art of Living reviews are pretty amazing! From university studies to individual reports, there’s a lot of good feedback about their courses and programs. 

In studies conducted by Yale and The University of Arizona SKY Breath Meditation (one of their signature courses) was found to outperform other meditation/mindfulness-based techniques and to be highly effective at reducing stress and depression, improving mental health, mindfulness and social connectedness.

“Life changing practices that have served me daily since college. I have gained immense inner peace and a sense of deep connection with others that has been a total game changer in my personal and professional relationships”. – Brian Slusher

What the AOLF programs are great at doing is bringing ancient wisdom from yoga and meditation to you in a way that is authentic while remaining relatable. I’m sure that for a lot of people when it comes to getting started with meditation and yoga, you want something that is real, and non-appropriative, but equally need something aimed at you (and not all in Sanskrit or assuming loads of background knowledge about India!).

The Art of Living Courses are great for this. The teachers seem to be experts in their field, and everything is approached in a way that is respectful to ancient traditions, while also being very practical and relatable to your life.   

“Learning the SKY breathing practice has been a real gift for me. I feel more connected to my body as well as my Higher Self. Make the investment in yourself. You’ll be happy you did” – Lori H

In fact, it’s hard to find too much bad about The Art of Living Foundation’s courses. It’s hard to argue with benefits like:

  • Reduced anxiety and depression (both clinical and non-clinical)
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduction in PTSD in veterans
  • Boosted immune system
  • Lower cortisol levels (aka less stress!)
  • Lower blood-pressure
  • Increased mindfulness and wellbeing

And what’s more, they partner with others to offer courses to those with special needs including veterans with PTSD and prison inmates at no cost to participants.

I’m not sure who wouldn’t be into results like that? 

If you’re looking for an accessible, authentic, and practical program that will give you all of the above benefits (and more!) then I think you’ll really enjoy The Art of Living programs. Meditation has long been known as a way to calm your mind, and The Art of Living makes this very accessible to all. 

SKY Breath Meditation is a great place to start. It’s a simple, breath-based meditation technique that you can learn in just 3 days, and start feeling the benefits of almost immediately. 

You don’t need to be “spiritual” or into yoga to take the course. You just need to be a person (check!) who wants to feel better and improve their check using their breath. 

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