Entrepreneurs Christopher Ferry & Ryan Montgomery provide Scholarships to help Addicts

They say empowering the youth will secure the future of any country. The youth of any nation is the ambassador for its voice and culture. If they are shown the right direction from a young age, they will make the right moral decisions into their adulthood. However, some choose the wrong path and go completely off course. Factors like drugs, violence, and theft take over their lives. If they aren’t shown the error of their ways at the right time, chaos is imminent. To bring their lives back on track and to encourage ambitiousness in them after they have strayed, are two entrepreneurs Christopher Ferry and Ryan Montgomery.

Digital technology experts, Ferry and Montgomery, met while fighting their own addictions. While Ferry is a digital marketing expert, Montgomery is a certified ethical hacker. When their respective forms of substance abuse caused a downward spiral in their professional and personal lives, they decided to make severe changes. They built up the courage to fight the mess they were in and make their lives better. Through sheer hard work and dedication, they have become role models for hundreds of recovering addicts who look up to them. With their combined efforts, they founded Boca Recovery Center, which helps addicts get over their addictions and start life anew. The center now offers scholarship programs to recovering addicts who show commitment and the zest to achieve greater things in life. The program is a tribute to Andrew Badgley, who lost his life in a hit-and-run accident in 2016. Ferry and Montgomery, along with Badgley’s mother, Cheryl, have provided over 114 scholarships to addicts in need. Boca Recovery Center has turned around the lives of many individuals and is also mentoring them in their careers. Ferry says, “The feeling is incredible when you watch people getting back on their feet and aiming for success now. Watching them grow is our success”.

Boca Recovery Center offers world-class facilities, including highly-qualified medical professionals who have served in the industry for decades. Ferry and Montgomery continue to work towards the smooth running of their recovery center. Helping an addict does not only involve medication and monitoring. It also includes love, care, and guidance. All of which are abundantly provided by Ferry and Montgomery at the Recovery Center.

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