Dr Wilton Triggs: Changing the dynamics of the plastic surgery industry in the US with his experiences of more than a decade.

The world is changing in many ways and so are the various industries at an exponential level. Many sectors have recently gained much more popularity and name because of the many advancements it is making and due to many revolutions as well that are taking place. The vast medical industry is no behind, especially when it comes to plastic surgery. Many models, actors, artists and even entrepreneurs in the past have got associated with plastic surgeons of the world for the reconstruction or repairing of any of their body parts or even skin. Initially, this was seen by quite a few in a negative light, considering everything to be only artificial. However, from nearly the past decade, many people have actively come forward to make the necessary changes or reconstruction of their features that they need and take the industry forward by also opening the doors for many talented and sincere plastic surgeons. One such skilled plastic surgeon from the US is Dr Wilton Triggs, who has successfully changed the dynamics of the field and transformed the lives of his clients through his surgeries.

Coming from a very humble family background, life started for Dr Triggs in rural Alabama, where he grew up with no medical influences and was born to a single parent. Growing up for Dr Triggs also meant to him facing many other struggles in life where he even faced overt and systematic racism. Since the beginning, he felt an unusual connection with medical science and was always intrigued to know more about what goes on inside the body on a micro and macroscopic level. Joining the medical school, he developed various interests, but plastic surgery proved to be the best fit for him.

In the past, he has been the Chief Resident at the University of South Florida in Plastic surgery and obtained his medical degree with honors from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN. Dr Triggs has been a graduate with University honors earning the degree of Chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry, minor in mathematics and biology from University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Dr Triggs got interested in the fact that he could creatively work on patients from all ages and can give them almost immediate results; this was the reason he chose a specialization in plastic surgery. Today Dr Triggs is a proud black surgeon who performs both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Being one of the 3 Integrated plastic surgery applicants accepted in a training program in the US, Dr Triggs went ahead in his mission to do something better for his field and hence, started to mentor elementary school age children to medical students. Dr Triggs also lobbies on behalf of the speciality of plastic surgery to the US congress, increasing access and residency slots to speciality care.

So far, progressing medical science and the field of plastic surgery with his relentless efforts, Dr Triggs has also been appreciated through multiple awards. He has been invited as a guest lecturer at colleges and associations, has featured on many podcast interviews and has many articles written about him. Working so many years as a surgeon, he has also helped his community take centre stage through imparting his knowledge and insights on health, lifestyle and community outreach.

Making people reach their aesthetic goals and desires is what Dr Triggs work for consistently. To know more about his work, people can visit his website at www.WTriggsMD.com, or can even follow him on Facebook – Wilton L. Triggs II, MD and Instagram/Twitter @WTriggsMD.

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