Danessa Elreya’s Readings

Readings happen to have grown tons over the last decade used as a way of connecting certain situations from the past, present, or future so that it makes more sense. It is used as a form of spiritual guidance and that is what Daneesa Elreya specializes in.

In the past Elreya has worked as a manager at a supplement center and then at a fitness center for Gold’s Gym. From this, she gained many valuable lessons and appreciated helping others feel like themselves. She loved giving them the confidence boost that they needed to feel good. She loved building trust and relationships with those who were struggling with self-esteem. Starting up her business with people helped her keep that same vision that she’s had ever since she was very young.

From a very young age, Elreya has been into anything mythical, fairy tale related, magical, and anything that involved the idea of self-guidance. This journey for her started when she took her love for all those things and started collecting crystals studying the power of each and knowing what exactly they brought to the table. As her collection grew she wanted something more that she could do with them so she decided to start making beautiful handcrafted jewelry. Her pendants were appreciated by friends and family for their beauty and healing abilities and the positive energy that it brought. It didn’t take too long for strangers to take notice and to ask about how they could get their hands on one of their own.

This brought up the thought of turning all that she did into a business. Elreya hadn’t had previous experience with having her own business so it was a lot to take in. She had to learn how to run it, taxes, content creating, what products to sell, etc and this all took some time. Luckily for her, her boyfriend Devin Wills stepped up to help her achieve her goal. Together they created a beautiful website for the company that was called Magical Intentions.

On this website, she was able to sell her art to people around the world. Each ring and necklace pendant is handcrafted by Elreya until it reaches perfection. She even takes the extra step of cleansing and purifying each and everyone before sending them out to the customers. Since starting up her business they have gained popularity in the world as more and more were in demand. This has led this thriving brand to where it is today, an absolute success.

Elreya plans on continuing on with her passions for the remainder of her life. The thought of retirement is out of the question as of now since she loves what she does and can’t imagine not doing it down the road. She continues to receive good reviews from thousands of thrilled customers worldwide. This positivity and appreciation for her craft are what keeps her pushing forward even when times may get tough.

To find out more about Elreya, follow her on Instagram @danessaelreya

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