Cormier Media Becomes Manitoba’s Fastest Growing Digital Marketing Agency Whilst The Pandemic

Cormier Media In The First Quarter Hits Over 47+ Clients Making It The Most Likeable Solution Provider For Digital Marketing Solutions

With the younger generations of Millennials and becoming more of the buyers market, fewer and fewer people are watching TV, listening to the radio, and reading the newspapers. Ads on Television have only been more of a reminder for viewers to pick up their phone and open a social media channel like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, and so on. Not to leave out the older generations, they show considerably more interest in purchasing things online which brings about larger opportunities for marketing on digital platforms they are using. Businesses that are not taking advantage of the undervalued attention of those users are missing out. All you need is a perfect digital marketing company like Cormier Media to handle and settle the marketing activities of your business/brand.

Man Behind Cormier Media

Nicholas Cormier, a Canadian Entrepreneur & Marketer, laid the foundation for the creation of Cormier Media. This venture was created with the objective of bridging the gap in the market between the business & brand owners, and the customers. A major group of businesses are unable to target their customer base, owing to which, they are unable to scale up and convert leads to customers. This is where Cormier Media comes to your rescue.

Cormier Media is a full-service digital marketing agency of Digital Marketing Specialists who help brands & businesses worldwide to boost their online reputation, brand awareness and scale their business. Through their marketing & sales strategies – tailored to your business requirements, budgets, goals and requirements – Cormier Media delivers predictable and scalable growth with a measurable ROI. Nicholas ensures to scale up the venture by finding the best of the best in every niche to keep their work at the highest standards, which ‘Cormier Media’ reflects. Cormier Media has been in the works for 1.5 years now and has become a thriving business in the last two months with the mentorship of their CEO & Founder ‘Nicholas Cormier’.

Nicholas’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Nicholas shares, ‘All humans are entrepreneurs not because they should start companies but because the will to create is encoded in human DNA. So, don’t take too much advice. Most of the people who have made it high up there have begun their journeys without any guidance, and found their paths and mentors along the entrepreneurial bay.’ He started Cormier Media when he was 19 years old and claims it to be the scariest decision of his life and unbeknown to him, it would become the best of his life. This intellect left his construction job in the steel industry, and a high paying sales position to create ‘Cormier Media’. Starting a business as a young adult is no joke, but after experiencing personal hardships in his life, Nicholas was determined to use his hustle, drive and ambition to pursue his dreams of becoming a business owner.

If you are someone planning to start a business or need guidance to do so, connect with Cornier Media.

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