British Pedophile Richard Huckle stabbed to death at the Full Sutton Prison

Richard Huckle reportedly raped and abused around 200 Malaysian children. He used to work in Malaysia and posed as a Christian school teacher and philanthropist from 2006 to 2014. His disguise got him victims, whom he abused. And his victims were mostly from the age of six to twelve. His well laid out plans did not go so well, and his crimes caught up to him in 2014. The police arrested him and accused him regarding crimes related to 23 Malaysia children.

His activities were so heinous and sick that his computer has photographs of his crimes. Like most of the psychotic criminals who want to boast, Richard photographed himself raping and abusing children. The police found the indecent pictures on his computer. He also created guides for fellow pedophiles on how to score their next victims and get away with being arrested.

After being arrested, he had few files on his computer that were encrypted. The police failed to crack those files open. And  Richard refused to cooperate with the police. It must have the contacts of fellow pedophiles or connections he has with people involved in such crimes.

He was sentenced in 2016, to minimum of 25 years in prison for 71 crimes against almost two dozen of children. Men like that have enemies and seems like prison got the best of him.

He was in the Full Sutton Prison, which is a high security prison. And he died in the prison. Skye News reported that he died under mysterious circumstances. Police did not reveal any further details regarding the death other than the fact that he was stabbed.

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