Beauty Lies in Imperfection, You Just Need Eyes to Behold: Luca De Massis

What do you mean by beauty? Well, beauty is not a thing that depends on someone’s skin colour, age, size, shape, class, caste or religion. Everything has beauty, but not everyone has eyes that could behold it. Only a good photographer is the one, who is capable of extracting that real beauty which is invisible to a normal eye, and then presenting it to the world in the form of a photograph. Each and every person in this world is beautiful in his or her own way. A thing which may appear to be full of flaws to an ordinary eye, might be just perfect in the far-sighted eyes of a good photographer. One such photographer is Italy based Luca De Massis, a present-day artist  who starkly apprehends snapshots through his photographs while restoring their originality. Popular for his remarkable projects in the realms of fashion and cinematography, this versatile photographer has always brought out the beauty of art wherever he went.

With more than fifteen years of experience in the industry, this incredible artist has done numerous photoshoots with the black beauties. He took this as a challenge and worked harder and harder to derive the maximum beauty out of them. He takes the black beauty to another level that no one can ever imagine! Luca considers that often beauty is hidden in the imperfections we perceive, we just need to have a clear perspective to behold it. Beauty to Luca is about being comfortable in your own skin. Likewise, Luca prefers women with disfigurement more, since they are the real beauty. Even the rose flower, which is considered to be the most beautiful flower, blossoms to its fullest, in the thorns. Just like that, we human beings also have something magical in us, which makes us unique from others. Luca De Massis loves to experiment in his photography venture, and he appreciates the imperfections in his models, with whom he collaborates for photoshoots. According to Luca, flaws define the beauty of an individual. Look at the moon, it’s just nothing without its craters which appear to be dark spots at first, but in a way enhances the beauty of the moon. Your imperfections are marks of authenticity, and that is the beauty of you as said  by Luca. Some of Luca’s works have been featured in the popular magazines Vogue Italia and Elle. Luca has always initiated in showcasing the power of real beauty, that comes from within, to the world through his photoshoots which is quite evident from his Instagram feed, where you could see his beautiful portraits of the imperfect beauties.

Often in our day to day lives, we judge people on the basis of their colour or physical appearance or other such criteria and discriminate against them. But somewhere we forget that when we can accept ourselves despite our many flaws, then why do we simply reject other people just by discovering a small glimpse of it, in them ? God has made all of us equal and all of us have something beautiful in us. The world desperately needs a person like Luca De Massis who has a positive attitude towards life, and who brings out the best in his art showcasing the real beauty that lies nowhere else but in these imperfections, to the world !


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