Amne Suedi – Transform The Narrative Of Africa Through Her Firm

Amne Suedi is promoting investment in Africa on a global level to alleviate poverty through the Shikana group.

If a country is struggling with development, only the youth and the skilled public can help eliminate the problems that are persistent. The development stems in a country from the coherent efforts of the people and their talent. When the youth is aware of its potential, nothing can come in the way of a successful economy. This awareness gives rise to entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to lead their country and mastering their skills in the process.

Amne is part of one such population where people are still unaware of the talent that is underlying beneath the oblivious minds. She was fortunate enough to harness her power in the field of law and investment and use it for the sake of her country. Her sole aim is to eliminate the blot of poverty that persists in the name of her country. For this purpose, she uses her investment knowledge to attract foreign investment in the alternatives of her country. She does this commendable work through her one-stop investment advisory firm, Shikana Group. This group is led by her passion for investment and expertise as a lawyer in Africa and private sector development respectively.

Her Story

After spending time in Switzerland, she was tired of hearing the name of Africa in the place of poverty and absurd pity. She knows that Africa is the opposite of the perception that the world has about it. Her country is a gold casket of talent and sustainable avenues. They just haven’t been discovered fully yet.

She started her journey to find and harvest those alternatives that will become the future of Africa. She has a curiosity for technology, mining, and investments. Hence, she uses her knowledge of investment to attract foreign investments into these sustainable options that will be the baton for a bright future.

A Message To Younger Self

Amne has always been a motivated person to achieve the bigger things in life. All she wants to tell her younger self is to never doubt herself and keep working toward her goals even if they are not supported by many people. Our goals are sacred to us, people don’t know the story and struggle behind it, and they don’t need to know.

When a person starts paying attention to the goals instead of vague opinions, life becomes better and successful. If you have this focused mindset from the start, hurdles cannot stop you and people cannot affect your progress.

Selfless Dream

Amne’s dream is to see her country as a part of the developed countries of the world. She knows that there is potential, she just has to revive the flame amongst individuals to use their skills and resilience for Africa’s development. She wants to be at the heart of the most impactful and biggest investments in Africa. Her company is also scouting for opportunities in the technology education space. Her latest entrepreneurial ventures will shortly add a jewelry and gemstone business ‘Zambarau’. Its launch will bedazzle the customers through luxurious and timeless pieces that will be a part of the collection.

She wants to lead her country towards the tunnel of light and prosperity. Her firm is playing a big part in this movement, by attracting global level investment into the avenues that are present in the country. To know more about her inspiring work, visit her website here.

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