Aaron Rian on how to go from 0 to 100 million in business

So you want to hit the milestone talked so much about in Entrepreneurship, the 100 million dollar business. Aaron Rian is an American entrepreneur that has accomplished this benchmark, twice. You may be wondering for yourself how he was able to accomplish this not once but twice. Furthermore, we sat down with Aaron Rian to learn more about how he was able to accomplish this as well as what advice he would give to an Entrepreneur in today’s marketplace to grow their business.

Know what matters most

Your business isn’t growing because of one reason only, sales. So often business owners forget to do the tasks that will get their business where they want, whether it is a product or service it doesn’t matter sales drive growth plain and simple. The easiest way to double your sales is to look at your existing business and put a plan together of how you can expand your business services to accommodate the customers who already like, know, and trust you. By focusing on the customer value of your businesses existing customers you will be able to generate more revenue which can be used to staff new talent, create and improve services, & put toward marketing and creating new prospects for your businesses pipeline.

Take Action

Most small businesses and their operators get so excited about anything positive that they take their foot off the gas when they should be working even harder than they were the day before. It is this vicious cycle of doing well, slowly wandering off into the future and finding yourself in another slump. I recommend getting someone that can hold you accountable, by adding this to your team you will be able to catch and work on your habits that need to be broken in order to consistently win in the marketplace and grow your business.

Build Horizontal not Vertical

If you’re a small business chances are your business relies too much on one service. As an operator you need to look at your vertices and determine the risk and longevity of the product or service. I would recommend adding complimentary services to your business that your customers have a need for, by adding these in you will be able to capture more customer value through your existing business as I talked about earlier. Your funnel in your business should consistently be creating new customers, connecting with them and identifying other needs that they have for their lives and businesses.

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