A Telugu News Portal Aligning its Services with the Modern World

Freelancing is one of the most thriving industries in modern times. The fast growth of the industry has been phenomenal, completely changing the scope of work. It does not just provide diversity in the options, but freelancing has been flexible and accommodating with the workforce, making it one of the most preferred working modes in the world today.

While the old times had a 9-5 working time, freelancing and remote working have changed the course of the job to 180 degrees. As opposed to the conventional way of work, people are now working remotely, giving even better results at their convenience. Since there are minimal barriers to earning now, the outcome has been outstanding, redefining the work ethic.

Among such companies providing their employees with a remote working facility is Telugustop.com, an online news portal for the Telugu community. Being operated from a small town in India has never been an obstacle to the company’s success. Following the modern trend of freelancing and remote working, Telugustop.com has a wide network of employees spread around all over the world. Apart from providing convenience to its team, Telugustop.com is able to cover all Telugu happenings taking place worldwide.

Being a subsidiary of Telugustop.com Media Inc, the company has done immensely well in the last eight years. Even though it was founded in 2012, Telugustop.com has become one of the Telugu community’s top online portals. Beating the well-established Telugu online portals that have been existing for the past two decades, Telugustop.com has been ranked as the top Telugu online news portals by Alex Rankings.

A Trustworthy News Source

Proving the old saying of ‘quality over quantity,’ the ranking has been a great achievement for Telusgustop.com. While most of the news portals compromise on the authenticity of the news and publish fake news for the sake of competition, Telusustop.com has been turning tables for such companies. It does not just provide genuine news pieces as it is, but is also the most preferred online news portals of the Telugu community today.

Minority communities have one common hurdle in their way; the lack of services on a global scale. The extension of this obstacle lies in the communication language, due to which there is a huge gap between the minorities and the rest of the world. Addressing this issue, Telusutop.com is in the Telugu language that has come as a rescue for its community members. Even though there are a handful of online news portals for the Telugu community, the audience has heavily invested their trust in the “One-Stop News Portal.”

While technology continues to evolve, there have been major developments for humans on a personal level as well. Previously the news channels would only cover major topics such as politics, current affairs, and breaking news. Nevertheless, the modern audience prefers staying up-to-date regarding all sorts of news happenings all over the globe. Answering this need of the audience, Telugustop.com covers all topics of news from politics to crime, national to international, business listings, real estate, technology, and entertainment as well, proving itself to be “All-In-One.”

Spreading Its Wings on A Global Scale

Widening their horizons on a global scale, Telustop.com is planning to launch its geo-based website soon, intending to provide breaking news from all over the world. Whether breaking or political, the local news will enable people to stay updated about their happenings in every part of the world. Adding to their portfolio of future plans, the online news portal is also launching its android app due in January 2021.

Living in the era of technology, modern consumers have numerous options to choose from. Consequently, one of the major factors that impact the success of a service/company is user experience. If a brand does not provide the audience with the best service, they will find another suitable service provider within a matter of seconds. Keeping this in mind, Telugustop.com has been working day and night to enhance the maximum user experience, a service that many companies fail to focus on these days.

For every company, the backbone is its team that works towards its success. Similarly, Telugustop.com is thriving today because of the dedicated individuals behind the screens, providing top-notch services to its readers. From the reporters to content writers and editors, the employees are hand-picked to provide the audience with the best service.

As the world moves towards progression, the world is just a click away. Telugustop.com has offered their best services that make the process smooth for the Telugu community, who do not have many reliable news portals to choose from. Currently standing at the top of the list, Telugustop.com helps the community members stay in touch who are spread all over the world. Observing their progress level in the past years, it is safe to say that the online news portal will stick to its first position for a long time to come.

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